Why Growth Factor (GFt) Recovery Serum Needs Professional Treatments?

Dr. AQ’s Recovery Skin Serum has 67% medical grade growth factor concentration. Every small bottle (4ml)contains a person’s one month generated skin growth factor amount.

Skin Structure

Skin Structure

Growth Factor ought go into the dermis layer in order to stimulate skin stem cells (fibroblast) to grow. Big volume fibroblasts grows as skin cells and be pushed out to the surface. Eventually, the outer skin will grow like a healthy child’s perfect skin. In order to achieve as a healthy child’s skin, it takes time to let all of the old skin to be replaced by new skin depends on each individual’s health status.

From the above picture, we can realize that if we can remove the outer layer of stratum corneum (dead skin) (use microdermabrasion to remove the dead skin), it can help growth factor enter the skin.

On anther hand, we have stamping needle can make tiny holes on the skin and help growth factors can easily penetrate through skin and do its function better. Please look the difference from below two pictures:

GFt Without Stamping

GFt Without Stamping

You can see the lighted growth factors staying on the skin surface if without needle stamping.

Gft With Satmping

Gft With Stamping

From this one, we can see there are more growth factors entered dermis and achieve expected function.

In order for not waste the expensive recovery serum, first, use microdermabrasion to remove the super layer stratum corneum, then, use stamping needle to make tiny holes to make growth factors easily to enter the dermis to do their jon to stimulate fibroblast (skin stem cells) to grow.

Therefore, in order for growth factor to reach its highest function, we usually apply the growth factor recovery serum treatment except for someone whose skin is naturally thin.

Then, after the treatment, use daily serum to do morning and evening twice a day’s maintenance in order for the skin to grow out healthy baby skin that is tighter and alive beautiful with elasticity skin. If you have patience to do twice a day’s maintenance,    your will be prettier day by day. If you can do facial massage, it will help speed up your improvement. It’s due to the facial massage helps increasing circulation on your face. If you can follow Facial Rejuvenation Tips to do five minutes Da Zhou Tian every day, you will not only gain a pretty face but also the happiness of healthy.

If you need professional treatment or buy poduct, please Contact Us.

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