To Acupuncturists

  1. How to Apply “Super Life Secret Codes” Meditation with Treatments?
    When encountered lingering diseases, besides new graduates still not grasp how to treat diseases, or you have no confidence on your diagnosis or treatments, usually if you definitely know that you have confidence for the right diagnosis and treatment, the treatment result does not follow your expectation, the problem is from patient’s side either not following your instruction for diet, lifestyle change, doing needed exercises, taking medicines, visiting you on time or from patient’s mind or soul. The fact is that for nowadays sicknesses, the last one is usually the major reason to keep the lingering diseases patients sick. Therefore, it’s better to encourage patients to polish their moral cultivation in order to ride off their sicknesses and cut down the national medical cost.
  2. The Original Point Therapy: Please download the manual at’s an add on to treat pain. However, personally, I feel using acupuncture will be faster.On another hand, if without professional to correct posture, the therapist can get hurt by using wrong posture.If patient does not like needle or the chronic pain lasts too long, by compensation, the painful site already grew too many capillaries that caused hardly  to insert needle without causing pain. You can either use herbs externally  or apply some wood lock massage oil or similar massage oil or essential oil that has strong enhancing circulation property along the original point location, then, do moxa on top of the herb or oil to help penetrate to relieve the pain.However, the acupuncture points that located at DU 15, DU 16, DU 17 and DU 18 can not do moxa. Therefore, you can not moxa the original point that located under the lower edge of the skull and near the cervical spin to avoid trouble.
  3. Everyone is born with abundant self healing power. The treatment effectiveness will be enhanced by combining with love, gratitude, sharing and collaboration.
  4. Zhu You Shu (祝由術)- The Classic Chinese Hypnosis: The modern medical research broadened its application scope.
  5. Germicidal Ozone Faucet: Ozone is a nature sanitizer to kill germs without using antibiotics to contaminate our environment and hurt our health. carries the best ozone faucet quality so far in the market that the healthcare providers do not need need to use soap to wash hand. The soap damaged the hands’ skin and makes the skin dry or even broken. With ozone faucet to wash hand, you have higher efficient to wash hands, keep sink tidy and all clinic always be sanitized.
  6. Dr Richard Teo – Thoughts of Life, Wealth, Success & Happiness Think clearly and get a balance in your life!

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