The Height of Your Pillow Fits Your Neck or Not

Besides using smart phone, computer and always turn your head to some angle to watch TV or doing stuffs can cause your neck soreness and/or pain, the height of your pillow also can pull your neck muscles/tendons constantly under tension and cause soreness and/or pain even cause vision problem, headache, head turning problem that leads driving safety problems, heart issues (due to there are heart nerves lodge on the neck discs), dizziness, ear problems, etc.

Uncounted patients told me that their pillows are expensive contour curved and according to advertisement, that kind pillow causes no neck pain and headache. Due to there are limited height for the contour curved pillows, the height is not necessary to fit the length of your neck. Once its height does not match your neck, your neck is constantly under pulling when you sleep on it.  Prolonged, neck muscle and tendons will become tight and cause problems for:

  1. Soreness or pain.
  2. Neck range of motion be limited that can cause driving safety and daily life problems by unable to turn head to needed angles.
  3. Vision area locates at back of the neck. Neck tight can cause impaired vision.
  4. Tight neck muscles block blood supply to the head and can cause TIA, headache or dizziness especially when neck changing its position.
  5. Cerebrum also locate on back of the neck. The tight muscles can block energy and blood supply to the cerebrum that leads balance problem to be easily falling down. For osteoporosis patient can cause bone fracture(s).
  6. Pinch nerve can cause hands numbness.
  7. When cervical (neck) discs are too narrow, the cervical bone can fuse together to cause neck movement problems.
  8. When the neck nerves get compressed, it can cause heart discomfort and mimic heart problems. Vise Versa, if there is heart problem, it also can cause neck problem. Therefore, a good acupuncturist or physician can help you find out the real problem.
  9. Tight neck also blocks energy and blood flow to supply nutrition to the brain and face that leads to aging face and brain shrank.
  10. Neck lost its normal curve and deformed.

Therefore, please pay attention to the height of yours and your loved one’s pillow. If you need a higher pillow to read before sleep, please remove the extra pillows before you sleep. If you have breathing problem and can not sleep on lower pillow, it is due to the phlegm and or extra fluid in your lungs. Please look for a good acupuncturist to help you remove the extra phlegm and/or fluid inside your lungs to avoid other severe health problems (such as heart/lungs failure, etc.) and you can gradually lay down to sleep as your situation is improved. Then, you can follow your acupuncturist’s instructions to do qi gong or change diet and/or continuously do treatments to avoid the phlegm and/or fluid be accumulated inside your lungs again.

In case of cervical bone displaced, you’d better to looking for a chiropractor’s adjustment in additional to an acupuncturist’s service.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac. All Rights Reserved


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