The Traditional Chinese Medicine vs. Western Medicine

The Difference Between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
and Western Medicine


To dive into the beauty of TCM, you can learn from a newly published book of A Wealth of Health.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine and the western medicine are totally different approach to health. In order to understand them a little bit, we can view both of them from the time span that developed, the health standard, the organs relationship, the diagnosis and the treatment. Let’s see the following table.



Traditional Western_Medicine Trditional Chinese Medicine
Time Span & Maturity Less than 200 years, lots diseases’ etiologies are unknown. More than 3,000 years, can explain diseases development
Health Standard Very low until machine can detect it. High: 100%
Such as a female patient coughed for 3 years, she coughed more when she ate or drank plus other symptoms MDs said that “You are a healthy cougher.” However, according to TCM there were six organs/meridians abnormal caused her coughing.
Organs’ Relationship
  1. Each Organ is independent and be treated separately.
  2. Emotions are controlled by brain
Kidney, Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs need to be in balance, one abnormal will cause the others one by one abnormal.Each organ relates to one emotion.
  1. Rely on machine-Technology only.
  2. Machine is not always reliable such as EKG only shown heart beat rhythm without shown heart beat strengthen which also caused problems such as severe heart problems cannot be detected early enough.
  3. Liver cancer is a silent killer.
  4. Based on the sickness symptoms.
Rely on patient’s feelingScientific and trust-able after several thousand years observation and clinical experiences.There are signs for all kind sickness before real sick such as liver cancer patient before diagnosed out, one year ago already wake up between 1-3AM and liver area constantly feel pain.

Learn the deviation based on a health person and find the root problem of yin/yang imbalance with which organ(s) and/or meridian(s) do not function well.

There are many ways, but the most basic is the eight principles:
Yin-yang, internal-external, deficiency-excess, cold-hot

  1. Sick more charge more
  2. Control the symptom(s) and help body function.
  3. Killing for germs, bacteria and virus
  4. More surgeries performed.
  5. More cost: Expensive machine test and drugs are used.
Do prevention without sick or treat early when abnormal sign just came out.Facilitate body’s self function ability.Change body’s inside environment to be not fit bacteria and/or virus to survive.

Minimize surgery or can say hardly to use surgery.

More cost efficiency by solving root problems, skip machine test and use natural herbs

Though there are more differences exist, this page initially only gives a roughly idea to the general public instead of doing more academic discussion that could be done later as needed.

If you want to see the colorful chat, you can view the TCM vs. Western Medicine Chart.


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