It’s my lifelong lucky to learn from Dr. Ni, Hai-Sha. Without his dedicate input for classic Traditional Medicine and our clinical training, it is impossible to have this website be done. With Dr. Ni’s guidance, uncovered the mystery of the classic Chinese medicine and realized how shinny the classic Chinese Medicine is.

My best partner Dr. Yang Zhen led me to Wang Feng Yi’s alternative treatments by teaching Confucius five relationships to cure chronic sicknesses. My high school classmate Ms. Ellen Hsu’s e-mail led me to Super Life Secret Codes and let me get the chance to learn from Mr. Ted Sun for further polishing my moral cultivation.

This website is under instruction of Ms. Eydie Stumpf. Her broad knowledge and the strong desire to help her clients is a kick to push this website be published earlier. Mr. Ryan Smolar helped for the heading and all of the pictures on this website.

This website is under the medical professional consultation of Dr. Ma Sheng who has more than thirty years TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) treatment experience and currently is the Chief Executive Officer of the Weifang Yidu Central Hospital, Chief Chinese Medicine physician and Dr. Yang Zhen who has twenty three years western medicine experience due to deeply feel sad that patients suffering in painful illnesses without solution and her strong desire wants to help patients get real recovery, she turned her medical career to be a TCM practitioner.

Ms.  Margaret Hernandez, helped for the core values ​​generation, supplies the tools for web construction and free hosting during the web development.

It’s also grateful to all of my instructors at SCUHS. Special thanks credits to Dr. Xue Shi who recommended me to read broader, especially to read the classic books.

Moreover, many credits and thanks need go to  Mr. Ryan Smolar who proofread the most of the whole website English articles and also thanks for the group efforts of Catherine Lu, L.Ac., Lesley Robert, David M. Zeligs, Helen Harris and Eydie Stumpf helped to do edit.

The most importance in my career is the interaction with my patients. Especially my cruise ships’ patients who asked that why they got their sicknesses and how to prevent later on. Due to their curiosity, let me think more for the etiology, pathogenesis and disease development. That made me has more polishing on my knowledge and more interest to face the challenge. Moreover, it helps me to generate the idea to educate people how to avoid sickness and how to take early actions to get the right treatment or changes in the early stage to prevent sickness getting worse. I miss all of them forever! As well as Mr. Dan Brown and Ms. Stephanie who create the acupuncture jobs at sea that benefit the patients and acupuncturists who come from all over the world. In addition for Steiner Leisure Services and all of the cruise lines that host the acupuncture programs on cruise ships.

However, my on land patients let me grasp more than 80% patients’ chronic diseases root problems and further understand the gap and obstructs in nowadays’ medical system.

All of the challenges that my patients gave to me pushing me step up on the treatment leaders. I hope that through the writing and teaching, I can help improve general public’s health. Meanwhile reduce our later generations’ heavy medical cost burden that takes away society’s precious resources to be nonconstructive spending.

My last grateful should go to SBDC (Small Business Development Center), IWE (Institute for Women Entrepreneurs) and LBCC (Long Beach City College) that supply me all of the government offers resource to let me learn all of modern business running skills and met most of my business helpers.

Let’s all of us including all of this website visitors hand on hand to take actions to spread the correct concepts of health and improve our health, health system and environment for happy generations.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac. All Right Reserved



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