Post Chemotherapy Treatment

Post Chemotherapy Treatment

Post Chemotherapy Treatment  It’s an acupuncture treatment testimonial. We also helped many cancer patients to re-gain or improve cancer issues.

  • This was my first experience with acupuncture.Frieda is a very special and caring person and knows her job very well. I had no problem whatsoever and felt I know her instantly and enjoyed talking to her. I learned a lot and believe this will benefit my health. It was a positive experience.I had four different cancers. I have suffered since 1978 from radiation therapy. Your acupuncture is a benefit to me and I am happy I did this.

    By Gertrud Murray at Zaandam, Holland America on 12.21.09

  • I hereby testify that Frieda Mah treated  my brother Mohammad Abrar who is a cancer patient in  his final stage of cancer.  Frieda performed acupuncture and
    moxibustion on my brother. After performing these, my brother felt very well and
    his body was refreshed. Frieda did a great job. She was punctual and very cooperative.

    By Mohammad Amin,  California, USA, on 12.07-13


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and the Whole Body Self-Healing System Coach


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