Pain Relief

If you have pain, you can try self-healing by learning from A Wealth of Health.

  • Neck/Back PainThank you very much to be my mentor. I really,  really appreciate.

    I have chronic neck pain and lower back pain for many years. I work on my foot mostly 6 hours a day.  I search online, and I found Dr. Frieda. I read many of her testimonials, and I decide I want to see her. During the acupuncture session, I felt that Frieda had very strong energy ,   after she insert the needle at my lower back,  I felt energy  slowly flow, it feels like open up my whole spinal, and run in to my brain, and feel a little light dizziness in a second.  About 5 minutes later.  My stiff neck pain and low back pain is slow peace out, and I felt so relax , I don’t even know when I had deep down to sleep.  Until she woke me up.  Wow, It is amazing that, Chinese acupuncture can release my pain instantly. I had seen many kind of treatment, but the result is not as fast at acupuncture experience with Frieda. Thank you very my Dr. Frieda. Thank you.

    By Sonny Lim, CA, USA, 6/19/2013

  • Neck/Shoulder PainI traveled from Texas to California to continue acupuncture treatments from Frieda after originally getting my first acupuncture treatment on board a cruise ship.  Both times, the tightness and pain in my neck and shoulder was sever and after treatment the muscles became soft, pliable and the pain gone.  I also had dizziness/vertigo and after treatment the dizziness was reduced greatly.I have mild arthritis in my finger joints, but after treatment, the pain is gone!The overall energy gained from the treatments was phenomenal.  I wish I lived closer so that I could go weekly to Frieda to eliminate many of ailments.

    By Geneva Day from Texas, USA 12/15/2011

  • Carpal Tunnel SyndromeI am a 72 year old woman from Texas who had never visited an acupuncturist before going to see Licensed Acupuncturist Frieda Mah in Artesia, California, while vacationing there. Ms. Mah was recommended by my traveling companion who had previously received pain-relieving and healing treatments for neck pain and vertigo. Out of curiosity to see if acupuncture might relieve my pain and discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome, I scheduled a series of appointments. When I entered treatment, I could not raise my right arm and my grip in my right hand was weak. With each treatment, I felt improvement in my hand and by the end of the series of treatments, I could raise my arm high, which was impossible before due to severe pain.From the moment I walked into the treatment facility, Ms. Mah began teaching me the terminology and practices of Chinese medicine. She taught me about Chinese exercises and the proven foods to eat and liquids to drink to strengthen the body. I learned from her that acupuncture can well treat almost everything from a drippy nose to urinary incontinence. I will seek to find an acupuncturist of high quality, like Ms. Mah, in Texas in hopes of continuing my pain-relieving acupuncture treatments. Most definitely, I will return to California as often as I can to receive treatments from Ms. Mah, who has inspired me and shown me the way to a stronger physical and emotional life because of acupuncture. I highly recommend Frieda Mah as an exemplary health professional.By Shirley Chenault from Texas, USA on November 15, 2011
  • Head to ToeI have had massages every 2 weeks for the past 5 years – but never had long lasting results.I have great tension in my shoulders and neck; could barely bend over in the morning with lower back pain; insomnia – constipation – you name it, I probably felt it!After one treatment, I slept through the night. With the herbs, I was no longer constipated. As I had more treatment, I could feel change – no tense shoulders, no more lower back pain.My grandmother sought out acupuncture for arthritis and found relief – back in the 1960s – in Nebraska, of all places. It helped her and I’ve always remembered her as being brave enough to consider something out of the ordinary. I’m glad I tried it and will look for an acupuncturist when I return home.By Connie Chavez from USA on 11/24/08
  • Despite my skepticism, I tried acupuncture to work on weakness and pain in my knee.I was quickly impressed by Frieda’s knowledge & skills. I found her to be professional, informative and caring. She carefully explained what she was doing and why.I found myself taking 5 treatments. I have seen improvement in all areas Frieda treated. I am no longer a skeptic and have no reservation in recommending her to every passenger seeking help.By Atheiva Worley from Novato, CA on 12-20-07
  • Neck & Back Pain, Stress, Dry EyesSought help from acupuncture for chronic neck & back pain. Had done extensive physical therapy, daily exercise program was requiring more & more pain medication – i.e. Advil, Tylenol and Tylenol PM.The first treatment was for my neck and  I had instant pain relief, muscles were relaxed and soft.Second appt for back pain was equally successful; I haven’t needed a single pain killer. Since the third treatment was to relieve stress and alleviate dry eyes. After this session I felt happier and calmer.Once again, I haven’t needed any artificial tears.Frieda and her needles are miracle workers!By Nancy Maudufeld from USA at Grand Princess on 3/23/10
  • Back Pain & Abdominal PainI was skeptical about acupuncture treatment but have been pleasantly surprised by the positive results.Frieda is very knowledgeable and caring. She is a pleasure to deal with.By Victor Lesser from USA on 2/23/08
  • Several sessions over ten days for pain & weight lossFrieda was very professional but always considerate and skillful. Her touch was very sensitive because she knew all points and could work effectively and rapidly. She consistently checked and rechecked for efficiency of vibration. She recognized so many things needed that I had ignored so long that I was unaware of them.I suggest you avail yourself of this lady’s help, kindness, and skill.By Biss Barlau from USA on 3-08
  • Headache& BackThis was my very first time.I was afraid but she made me feel very comfortable.She took time telling me how acupuncture work in detail. After the treatment, I feel better than when I walked in.Now, I will look for someone like her when I go home.Thank you very much for offering this service on the cruise.By Gary Sniadach from USA on 11/7/08
  • Problem to climb stairs, Back Pain, HeadacheDidn’t have power or strength in legs to climb stairs, had to walk one leg and pull the other up to the same steps as the first leg. But now, thanks to Frieda, I can walk like a normal person up the stairs.Had Headaches they can be gone in a treatment too.Frieda pointed out other problems that we are working on. Only someone in their profession can look for, and determine what is going on with your body. Thank you Frieda!!Don’t be afraid of the needles or the cost if you get the results you’re looking for, it’s well worth it.

    By Joyce Haltom from USA 4/13/08-5/01/08

  • Leg painMy treatment by Frieda was very friendly, very relaxing and MOST REWARDING.My legs were very painful. But now, all the pain has gone and maybe I can enjoy the rest of the voyage.Thanks once again.By John Wright from England on 16.10.06
  • Lower Back Pain, Numbness in Right Thigh & Both FeetWhen I came on board the Grand Princess 2010 Feb 12, I suffered from severe lower back pain.My wife & I attended the first acupuncture seminar out of curiosity. Frieda’s talk convinced me to sign up for treatment for three problems: Back pain, numbness in my right thigh, & numbness in my feet.During the first session, Frieda addressed my back problem – I left feeling free of pain.The second session addressed the numbness in my right thigh, which I had lived for the past 40 years, with the pain caused by the numbness increasing. As I aged, doctors could only help with pain relievers. Frieda treated this problem. As I left the treatment room, I was again free of pain, & the numbness in my feet was gone!My third session dealt with numbness in my toes & the bottom of my feet, which the doctors had diagnosed as nerve damage from type 2 diabetes. The only thing the doctor could do was prescribe medication, which didn’t solve the numbness but did control spasms. After this treatment, I had the feeling back in my toes & feet, have been free of any numbness or pain in these three area since.I am extremely impressed with Frieda Mah’s skill & her ability to find the sensitive areas that needed to be addressed.By David Kennedy from Canada at Grand Princess on 2010/02/21
  • Knee Pain & StressExcellent treatment – Immediate relief to knee and general well being.My doctor in Australia said there was not much I could do about my knee problems – unless I had full knee replacement.After discussions with Frieda and subsequent pain relief from acupuncture – I feel very comfortable with the prospect of further treatment with acupuncture.My thanks to Frieda for her professional and courteous attention.I would recommend anybody for her treatment.Regards,Christopher Head on 1/12/2007
  • Sore Back & Neck with stiffnessWow!!When I arrived for acupuncture, I was so stiff & sore that I was holding by body all crooked.After Frieda did acupuncture & stimulation on my neck & back, I was able to walk out upright & with no soreness!!!Great .. Thank you Frieda!!!By Joanne Robitaille from Juneau, Alaska on 11/2/07



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