Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation  Below are acupuncture testimonials for facial rejuvenation. Acupuncture facial rejuvenation can help: winkles, sag cheeks, eye bags, double chin, Bell’s Palsy, dry skin, etc.

  • Pain Relief/Facial Rejuvenation Pain Relief – Frieda softened my back & shoulder muscles, relieving pain in one treatment.

    Facial Rejuvenation – I have had 2 of the series of 3 treatments. There is a dramatic softening of ” marionette” lines.

    Frieda is extraordinarily knowledgeable in the art of acupuncture. She treats the whole body not just the apparent problem. Just by working at you; Frieda can identifying sources of pain, fine lines & wrinkles.

    I wish I could take Frieda home to continue treatments.

    Frieda is the BEST!!!

    By Peggy Russell from USA on 2/15/08

  • Wight Loss, Facial Rejuvenation

    Frieda is a friendly and knowledgeable therapist! She knows her job well. She is knowledgeable to answer my questions. She has a positive approach & spirit. I felt comfortable in her presence and liked her a lot!  Her treatments produce good results.

    By Carol Lee from USA 2-4-08 ~ 2-11-08

  • Frieda’s pain management acupuncture treatment was wonderful!! As was her facial rejuvenation treatment – Her treatments were extremely helpful and beneficial – NCL is extremely fortunate to employ such a lovely profession – She is dedicated to helping all people through acupuncture treatments. Thank you – Sue.

    By Sue Conant from USA on 28 April 2008

  • Amazing!! I signed up for 3 treatments to take care of an aching neck & shoulder, but not only received relief from that but also reduced swelling in my hands.The next treatment dedicated to the left side of my body (arm & leg) and the pain around my joints was practically eliminated PLUS the skin of my was smoother & more elastic. The next day, my right arm & leg was treated with the same results. Can’t get over my hands – years younger – looking.I then signed up for three more treatments which included a facial – lines much less prominent. Only wish I had started earlier in the cruise.

    By Geneva Day from USA on 4/30/08

  • I had three acupuncture series with Frieda and I am very pleased with the results.Frieda has done a great job and she worked professionally. I would strongly recommend her.

    By Bollmann Moja from Switzerland on 30.1.08


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