Eye Problems

Eye Problems

Eye Problems  most times are caused by Qi can’t reach the eyes or the optical nerve or vision function related path be blocked from the liver to the eyes in Chinese medicine.

Qi in the western is used to think that it is the energy. But, it is partially right. Please read below:

  • Dr eyes, upper respiration infection, back, neck pain, joints pain. While familiar with acupuncture, Frieda’s treatment was outstanding. She enhanced my vision by increasing moisture removed by past surgical procedures including lasix and cataract removal. Also severe breathing problems were aided immediately with her acupuncture treatment – an immense relief.Overall, a worthwhile treatment.I found Frieda to be very knowledgeable & excellent. I have been treated by our MD in FT Myers with acupuncture. Frieda was more through & had better results – overall great times.

    By David Boven from Ft Myers, MO on 12-7-07


  • I have a condition called scleritis – redness & swelling of the eye ball.It flared up just the day of embarkation. I attended a presentation by Frieda on the first day of the cruise & promptly booked a series of three sessions. After the first two, the condition was significantly better & I was able to return to wearing my contact lens. Although I was also taking meds, the prescription appeared to be faster with the aid of acupuncture. Shorter time on meds was definitely a plus!Thank you Frieda!

    By Janelle Davidson at Ms. Zaandam,  Holland America on 18 Dec, 2009

  • Heel, knees, eyes, neckRelief headache and pain in knees and back. Brighter vision.

    By Larry Slwars from Canada on Sept 5/08

  • For Dry Eyes and AllergyI am impressed by the breadth of your knowledge about the traditional Chinese Medicine. Thank you for your effective/professional acupuncture treatment for my dry eyes. I feel better now.

    By F.T. Ismail, Ph.D, P.E.  from USA on 12-23-08.


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