Digestion System Problems

  • Severe leg (mainly right) & upper back (right) pains; hip pains; chest/digestive painsFrieda: Thank you so much for all of your hard work & patience to help both myself & my new husband towards a more pain free & happy lifestyle. As you know, I have suffered from constipation, sinus problems, headaches, digestive ailments, etc. for many years. I can honestly say that your treatments & herbal medicines have greatly reduced my symptoms. My constipation has cleared up & most of the pain in my legs & back are gone. I am sleeping much better through the nights. I am now mostly pain free. Thanks so much, once again. Always cheers.By Sheila McKinnon from Toronto & Victoria, Canada on 20 Nov/07
  • Hiatal Hernia – Esophagus ObstructionVictor has been experiencing trouble swallowing. For 24 hours, he hasn’t eaten any food. This due to an hiatal hernia.  Ms. Mah treated him for stress and after a difficult moment, he could feel the obstruction in his esophagus disappeared. She made him swallow a banana and, the second time was successful.By Victor Cassau from Mexico on Dec 27, 2007
  • Stress, digestion, back painFrieda is a life saver. When I arrived on the ship 10/29/08. I was so full of stress and bad terrible back pain. My first day on the ship, I had a massage which was terrific. However, the next two nights I did not sleep from all the pain I was in. I then thought I would try some acupuncture to see if I could get some relief.I purchased 5 treatments but that evening after first one treatment, I slept so well and remained pain free for the remained of my cruise.

    Thanks to Frieda capable hands. She also helped me with weight loss, stress, anxiety and overall balance. Truly a lifesaver.

    By Debbie Garcia from USA on 11-8-08

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