Digestion System Problems

Digestion System Problems

Digestion System Problems

Below Digestion System Problems are testimonials for acupuncture treatments.

  • Severe leg (mainly right) & upper back (right) pains; hip pains; chest/digestive painsFrieda: Thank you so much for all of your hard work & patience to help both myself & my new husband towards a more pain free & happy lifestyle. As you know, I have suffered from constipation, sinus problems, headaches, digestive ailments, etc. for many years. I can honestly say that your treatments & herbal medicines have greatly reduced my symptoms. My constipation has cleared up & most of the pain in my legs & back are gone. I am sleeping much better through the nights. I am now mostly pain free. Thanks so much, once again. Always cheers.By Sheila McKinnon from Toronto & Victoria, Canada on 20 Nov/07
  • Hiatal Hernia – Esophagus ObstructionVictor has been experiencing trouble swallowing. For 24 hours, he hasn’t eaten any food. This due to an hiatal hernia.  Ms. Mah treated him for stress and after a difficult moment, he could feel the obstruction in his esophagus disappeared. She made him swallow a banana and, the second time was successful.By Victor Cassau from Mexico on Dec 27, 2007
  • Stress, digestion, back painFrieda is a life saver. When I arrived on the ship 10/29/08. I was so full of stress and bad terrible back pain. My first day on the ship, I had a massage which was terrific. However, the next two nights I did not sleep from all the pain I was in. I then thought I would try some acupuncture to see if I could get some relief.I purchased 5 treatments but that evening after first one treatment, I slept so well and remained pain free for the remained of my cruise.Thanks to Frieda capable hands. She also helped me with weight loss, stress, anxiety and overall balance. Truly a lifesaver.

    By Debbie Garcia from USA on 11-8-08

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If you have digestion system problems, the first two common causes are below:
a. Intake cold food or drinks
b. Stress caused problems.
You can try self-healing by learning from A Wealth of Health.

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and the Whole Body Self-Healing System Coach


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