• Frieda was very good. I was very relaxed and feel asleep.

    By Myio S Decldor from Newburgh, NY, USA on 1/10/2007 at NCL Spirit

  • Very relaxing. Frieda was very good.

    By Alex Brica on 1/12/2007 at NCL Spirit

  • I had first detox treatment. It was amazing how good it was. After the first treatment, I had a lot of energy. Usually I take a two hours nap every day. But after that, I couldn’t do it.I’m so glad I tried acupuncture and Miss Frieda was great. She does a very good job. Thanks Miss Frieda!!!!By John Hedez Morg in Oct 2008 at Golden Princess
  • After my treatment I feel more relaxed and energized. It has helped me with my constipation & digestion. Also my post nasal drip is gone.

    By Eden Padro from Atlanta, Georgia

  • Frieda was so friendly. She made me feel very comfortable. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. Frieda is simply amazing! I feel terrific. I am so happy I had acupuncture with Frieda. I am look forward to seeing her on my next cruise. Thank you!

    By Stephanie Mesuda on 1/4/2007 at NCL Spirit

  • Thank you for making me realize that I was not coping with the stress in my life as well as I should.The three treatments helped immensely  for my initial complicates and have made the remainder of the cruise very enjoyable.It has given me a new perspective on how to improve both my physical and mental health.

    I will pursue acupuncture therapy when I return home to continue to detox my body.

    By Ben Potter from Canada on Feb. 15, 2008

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