Two months ago, I was experiencing angina 2-3 times per week with mild to severe pain lasting 3-15 minutes, which was abated with one nitroglycerin pill.

On month ago, the angina became more frequent, usually occurring once a day with mild to severe pain, abating with 1-2 nitroglycerin pills.

By the time, I boarded ship on 12-7-09, I was experiencing angina sometimes twice a day, relieved by nitroglycerin.

Dr. Frieda Mah has treated me twice with acupuncture. After the first treatment, I was free of angina for 4 days, after which I experienced one mild angina episode. After the second treatment, I have yet to experience an episode.

Dr. Mah also treated my back twice, which has relieved the pain and allowed me to go without a back brace for half the day. Previously, I wore it all day.

By Ray LeBer on 12-18-09 at Holland American – Zaadam

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