TCM Health Concept Chart

The main purpose of the chart is let you know that

  • Health is the most valuable asset that you have in your whole life.
  • Use the Traditional Chinese Medicine scope can help you prevent sickness.
  • Even you are sick, we can bring your normal function as much as possible.  However, we can not always do so. Such as you have diabetes and took insulin too long that your pancreas already degenerated that totally lost its function, you need constant TCM treatments. Otherwise, once your body regains its function, you can quit from the formal acupuncture and/or herbs and/or moxibution treatments and use diet, cultivation and Chinese Exercises to maintain your health. Once you get surgery, it’s an irreversible change to your body that limited what we can do for you. Due to drugs interaction to herbs and other reasons such as drugs caused liver toxins that will either prevent or reduce our treatments effectiveness and prolonged the TCM treatment period.
  • The chart does not cover all of the diseases that we can treat. Many severe sicknesses that we can treat are not listed here.
  • Prevention is the most important concept toward to a healthy life for your mental and physical health.
  • The key role for your health is not the doctors and/or acupuncturist. It’s “You“! Your body gives you the sign like pain, discomfort, wake up with tiredness, etc. They all mention you that you need to change your life style, diet, do exercise or looking for health professionals help. However, like looking for a contractor to do your remodeling, if you can not get a good one, your home might end with a nightmare. It’s the same with your health.
  • You know your body signs better than the machines can test out. In case of the test machines can not find out what wrong is going on your body, it’s better to look for a good acupuncturist’s help. Most of the time, it’s the energy stagnation caused problems. Moreover, the acupuncturist can help you find the root cause of it and tell you how to avoid it.
  • You are the only one reliable for your health! You cannot continue your wrong treatments, life style, diet, no exercises and let your health practitioner to bring your health back except it is totally unavoidable like the job that you have no way to quit due to you need to feed your family and you are hardly to find another job. If you have an excellent practitioner, it’s a torture for him/her. Please don’t do it!  Besides that you occupy the practitioner’s valuable time to save other lives.

For explanation, please read that article TCM Health Concept.

Now, you can review the chart below:

TCM Health Concept Chart

TCM Health Concept Chart ©2009 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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