Table 1 Five Elements

Table 1 Five Elements

In TCM, five elements represent five solid organs and they are related to seasons, directions, environmental factors, colors, tastes, plant growth status, organisms, emotions, hollow organs, sensory organs and music sounds. We can use them to identify which organ’s functional are abnormal. we also can use them to treat organ diseases.

Winter is the best time to treat kidney diseases.
Such as a person is craving for salt, his kidney function is abnormal. If we want to guide herb(s) to kidney, we can use some salt to guide herb(s) enter the kidney.
If facial color is black, it means kidneys has some functional problem(s).

If the kidneys have problem, the body usually is cold. Kidney problems manifest on bones. If there is bone problem, we treat kidney to fix bone problems.
If the kidneys are weak, the person is easily shown fear. If a person’s emotion is fear, can treat kidney to ride off fear. We can use Chui to do kidney detoxification and/or nourish the kidney.
The kidney is internally and externally related to the urinary bladder.

You can use the Five Element Table to do self-healing.

Table 1 Five Elements

Table 1 Five Elements


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