Super Life Secret Codes

If you can well read the “Super Life Secret Codes” book, understand the whole book, grasp the essential codes of love and gratitude to communicate with the universe as well as apply the secret codes in your daily life. Then, if you have chronic diseases, combine the meditations in the book plus traditional Chinese medicine treatments, it will speed up your recovery.

For a healthy person, if you have healthy diet, combine with Chinese exercises of Da Zhou Tian, five organs detoxification and wu qin xi, healthy life style, open, happy and positive thinking, plus love/gratitude meditation, you will be a happy, young looking and healthy longevity person.

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Super Life Secret Codes – Meditations

Note: As emphasized in the book again and again that you need to really practice the love and gratitude meditations and carry out the two codes in your daily life in order to enjoy all of their benefits. Otherwise, you just waste time.


  1. Chapter 4, p54, line 5, practice and experience deeply love and gratitude in heart and feed them back to the universe.
  2. Chapter 6, p75, 2nd paragraph, line 4, exchange message with the negative energy, repent mistakes to expel negative energy out and build up positive energy inside.
  3. Chapter 7, p83, the last paragraph, line 3, receive the strong positive energy from the sun.
  4. Chapter 8, p91, the last paragraph, harmonize marriage to enjoy its happiness.
  5. Chapter 9, p100,  the last paragraph, ride off life pain and suffering, intake the love and gratitude capsules.
  6. Chapter  11, p115, the 3rd paragraph, detoxify your foods before intake them
  7. Chapter 11, p116, line 2, increase energy of foods
  8. Chapter 13, p134, the 2nd paragraph, line 3, absorb universe energy to detoxify your body.
  9. Chapter 15, p155, the 2nd paragraph, feeling the endless love from the universe, feedback with endless appreciation. Then, blow the love and gratitude to every corner in the world in order to get out of life hopeless, difficulty, worries and depression situation but enter into a happier and peaceful life.
  10. Chapter 16, p166, the 4th paragraph, turning life to be happiness, comfortable to the life maximum satisfaction. Meanwhile, do not forget to practice constantly and spread the life secret codes out.


  1. Please read each chapter to fully understand the meaning of the meditation before your initial a couple of times practices.
  2. Execute Di Zi Gui daily will help you get the most benefits from your meditations.
  3. If you can grasp the essence (love and gratitude) of the book and apply to daily life. You will feel satisfy your life, appreciate your life, surrounded people and events. You can flexible to use the meditation such as when you drive, you appreciate the universe give you love and you feed back the love and gratitude to the universe. Meanwhile, you ask the universe also to share out these love and gratitude to all of the people who are running on the roads to make their driving smoothly.
  4. If due to religious reason, such as if you are a Muslim, you will only worship True God – Allah, you might not want to image the sun in your meditation but only Allah. It’s fine. Then, you will not see the sun in your meditations as the others do. However, you will still get all kind the benefits.  If not, you are not calm enough in your meditation. Try to find a quiet location to do your meditation and put down all of your emotions.

The notes mentioned above do not represent the “Super Life Secret Codes” author Mr. Ted Sun’s opinion.

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac. All Rights Reserved.


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