Stress Caused Problems Chart

If you want your life to be easier without spend big money to fix later, you can view the chart below to see how many symptoms that you already got and go to visit a good acupuncturist immediately.

If your job is stressful or you aught to sleep late or you have a uncontrollable life style likes nurses who need to change their working shift often or you cannot avoid wine, alcohol, processed foods, soda, refine sugars (the most sweets that you buy from outside), food additives (process food and most restaurants like to add them in for attractive taste and color) and drugs, you also can take a look on the chart below.

Stress Caused Problems Chart

Stress Caused Problems Chart

For more detailed explanation, please read the article of the Stress Caused Problems.

Prolonged stressful life also can cause high blood pressure.

If you have stress, you can do self-healing to avoid your situation getting worse.

Extend read: Should We Open Pandora’s Box?.

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