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This site map explains each subtitle on the top bar, what are they and all of the contents in this website including links to the other author’s websites. Their knowledge are mutual link and mutual help for you to get a whole concept to be healthy meanwhile to shine your life light out to the world.

For the passive healthcare practice, that patients mainly rely on healthcare providers’ care with or without doing active healthcare by themselves and/or by preventive healthcare. Even though, when resources (including time and manpower) are more available, we will put more self aid stuffs in such as herbal meals, exercises, etc. that benefit for health.

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简体中文   is the website for simplifies Chinese

傳統中文 is the website for traditional Chinese

Mobile   is the website for smaller screen such as cellar phone download and easier to read. But the content is not as rich as this main site.

Happy Pin Cases share cases (will be write later) to let patients know your condition is treatable and let healthcare professionals know how to think and how to treat as a discussion

NBAARC   is Frieda’s preferred treatments due to they raise patients energy frequency and fulfill their life missions through many ways.

  1. Patients involve for their own health and treatment. It’s active healthcare by lifting soul for subconscious and super-subconscious.
  2. We offer guidance, coaching and consulting for your health, your dreams, etc.
  3. Patients staying here that they are givers, knows how to give gratitude, respect and needed rewards to the others.

Self-Healing is a (future) book discussion area that help readers to learn self-healing better. The book teaches people how to recovery self-healing power and how to do self-healing. Meanwhile, It will be a series book from treatments to raise body. mind and soul integrated frequency to purify your great self and carry out your life mission that recording in your DNA. The book one teaches readers how to help their pain, stress and insomnia problems. Under what kind situation can do self-healing and when to seek for professionals’ help.

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