Root plants

Many root plants are foods as well as herbs. Besides their root, the other parts are also eatable.

  1. Sweet potato: If you are used to be constipated, you can eat sweet potato without eat the other foods. It can help your bowel movement. If your constipation is chronic, you can eat more days in a week to improve your situation. If your constipation is severe, you’d better to get an acupuncturist’s help.
    Its leaves are also rich in nutrition. You can use vegetable oil to fly it with garlic and optional with some hot pepper, then add some salt to eat.Of cause, if you eat healthy, you do not need to fry the leaves, you put them into boiled water t make them soften, then pick up and filter out the water. Use vegetable oil to fry the garlic (optional with hot pepper) and add some salt. Then pour to the top of the boiled leaves and mix them together.

© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.


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