Headache and Back Pain

If you have pain, you can try self-healing by learning from A Wealth of Health.

  • This was my very first time. I was afraid but she made me feel very comfortable. She took time telling me how acupuncture work in detail. After the treatment, I feel better than when I walked in. Now, I will look for someone like her when I go home.Thank you very much for offering this service on the cruise.By Gary Sniadach from USA on 11/7/08
  • Didn’t have power or strength in legs to climb stairs, had to walk one leg and pull the other up to the same steps as the first leg. But now, thanks to Frieda, I can walk like a normal person up the stairs. Had Headaches, they can be gone in a treatment too. Frieda pointed out other problems that we are working on. Only someone in their profession can look for, and determine what is going on with your body. Thank you Frieda!!Don’t be afraid of the needles or the cost if you get the results you’re looking for, it’s well worth it.By Joyce Haltom from USA 4/13/08-5/01/08
  • When I came on board the Grand Princess 2010 Feb 12, I suffered from severe lower back pain. My wife & I attended the first acupuncture seminar out of curiosity. Frieda’s talk convinced me to sign up for treatment for three problems: Back pain, numbness in my right thigh, & numbness in my feet.During the first session, Frieda addressed my back problem – I left feeling free of pain.The second session addressed the numbness in my right thigh, which I had lived for the past 40 years, with the pain caused by the numbness increasing. As I aged, doctors could only help with pain relievers. Frieda treated this problem. As I left the treatment room, I was again free of pain, & the numbness in my feet was gone!My third session dealt with numbness in my toes & the bottom of my feet, which the doctors had diagnosed as nerve damage from type 2 diabetes. The only thing the doctor could do was prescribe medication, which didn’t solve the numbness but did control spasms. After this treatment, I had the feeling back in my toes & feet, have been free of any numbness or pain in these three area since.I am extremely impressed with Frieda Mah’s skill & her ability to find the sensitive areas that needed to be addressed.By David Kennedy from Canada at Grand Princess on 2010/02/21

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