Our Body Talks that Related to the Chinese Medicine

Surviving in this world, majority people are perusing success. Therefore, IQ and then EQ were talked a lot. Besides those two intelligences, there are other more intelligences. To learn more, please read Intelligence Is Overrated: What You Really Need To Succeed by Keld Jensen.

The moral intelligence and body intelligence are mutual affected and be discovered  for more than thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, Chinese medicine emphasizes that in order to keep healthy and longevity, moral cultivation and exercises (qi gong dao yin i.e. practice qi gong to guide energy flow smoothly inside the body) are very important to keep all of the organs healthy and in a harmonized stage.

Our body is used to talk before we sick. It’s the sign that warns us to take early action to bring back to our highest healthy status. Think about the ancient time that human beings either chased after animals to hunt for foods or been chased before animals to save life. That are all needs top health status to run or climb and be alert/smart to fight with the animal. Therefore, our body was used to be built in the way that before any technology or intelligent build machine to tell us where is wrong for our body. That’s what a couple of thousand years traditional Chinese medicine physicians gathered for and concluded many theories that are applied to nowadays diagnosis, diseases development that we can predict and see its prognosis as the classic books said as well as our treatments based upon to prevent the sickness going to the next step if the physician is good enough.

During my treatments, there are always the chances for me to tell my patients that “Your body is so smart. It knows how to save your pocket that if after 10 minutes (or x minutes later), I take out the needles, this discomfort comes out, then, you need to pay another treatment. Now, I just add one more needle to relieve your another potential problem (pain or whatever caused by energy blockage).

Please pay attention to your body sign(s) that let you take early action to visit a health provider: Are you waiting too long to see an acupuncturist?

© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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