Neck/Back Pain

If you have pain, you can try self-healing by learning from A Wealth of Health.

  • Neck/Back Pain

Thank you very much to be my mentor. I really,  really appreciate.

I have chronic neck pain and lower back pain for many years. I work on my foot mostly 6 hours a day.  I search online, and I found Dr. Frieda. I read many of her testimonials, and I decide I want to see her. During the acupuncture session, I felt that Frieda had very strong energy ,   after she insert the needle at my lower back,  I felt energy  slowly flow, it feels like open up my whole spinal, and run in to my brain, and feel a little light dizziness in a second.  About 5 minutes later.  My stiff neck pain and low back pain is slow peace out, and I felt so relax , I don’t even know when I had deep down to sleep.  Until she woke me up.  Wow, It is amazing that, Chinese acupuncture can release my pain instantly. I had seen many kind of treatment, but the result is not as fast at acupuncture experience with Frieda. Thank you very my Dr. Frieda. Thank you.

By Sonny Lim, CA, USA, 6/19/2013

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