Muscle and Soft Tissue Adhesion

In Chinese Medicine, anything that caused blood and/or energy flow obstructed, it causes pain. More blockage causes more pain.

Recently, I saw many muscle adhesion cases. It can cause after acupuncture, the pain becomes worse. It’s due to after acupuncture, there are more energy flowing. However, when the increased energy passing through the adhesion area, they cannot pass through and more energy cannot pass through makes the situation is worse than before acupuncture treatment. That means there is more pain than before. Due to the energy flow becomes bigger after acupuncture, relatively the blockage from the muscle adhesion becomes worse. So does the pain becomes worse.

What is muscle adhesion or soft tissue adhesion?
Besides bones, nails and hairs, the other body tissues are soft tissues. The muscle fibers and/or tendon fibers are glued together by body fluid which is sticky and hardly to be break. Therefore. block energy flow through the fibers.

Once soft tissues adhesives together, it takes longer time to get higher skilled massage or tui-na (It includes massage techniques but has more techniques and uses more acupuncture points to treat) therapist or acupuncturist who likes to use tui-na to loosen it or we need prescribe herbs to loosen the soft tissue fibers. If you only do acupuncture only, it could cause more pain. It expanded treating time.

How do you know that there is soft tissue adhesion?

  1. Experienced acupuncturists can notice that when needling.
  2. Usually after acupuncture or even during acupuncture, patient can feel muscle loosening. But for muscle and soft tissue adhesion patients do not feel it or after acupuncture treatment, patient feels more pain. Most chances, it is soft tissue adhesion.

What caused that?
Self massage without using any massage oil or massage oil is not right or use too much force during massage that injured soft tissue and the sticky inflammation fluid (same like the fluid coming out when you have open wound) comes out. However, they cannot flow away but glue the muscle/tendon fibers together. When the fluid dried, it is hard.

How to avoid?
Use better massage oil that can have strong expelling power to move inflammation fluid/body fluid and toxins flow away quick such as Wood Lock and some good quality essential oils. Or, look for good massage therapists for services. Or when you have pain, looking for acupuncturists’ help.

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