Avoid Dementia and Alzheimer Diseases by Well Taking Care Your Menopause

Want to avoid immobility, memory loss, life quality loss due to aging, poor balance that caused easily fall down, dementia and Alzheimer disease? Look below: Even people already passed menopause period, still can do TCM treatments to balance yin/yang and tonify their organs to renew organs function to avoid costly dementia, Alzheimer disease and above mentioned other poor health situations. What are your comment(s) and/or question(s), please write below?

Menopause Chart

Menopause Chart

Though menopause is for older people. However,  nowadays, many people are overdue themselves. Therefore, deplete their life span and make their menopause stage come earlier for them. Want to avoid dementia, Alzheimer disease and other aging problems?

On another hand, exercise also help you keep body age be younger and brain degenerated slower. Please watch brain rule.

Your health is on your hand either not overdue yourself or do exercises or looking for a good Chinese Medicine physician to take care your health.

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