Medical Field’s Treasure – Chinese Medicine

Medical Field’s Treasure – Chinese Medicine

Medical Field’s Treasure – Chinese Medicine: Under uncountable research funds and highly talented researchers, health care providers input into the western medicine, there are still so many medical tragedies such as organ failures, amputations, tubes be inserted, small diseases become intractable diseases, etc. There should be some mistakes.

Let’s from the Chinese medicine’s view to look at the western medicine’s mistakes:

Toxicity mistakes: Drugs are chemicals that damage the liver, kidney, and heart.

Each medicine is under the strict control of toxicity. But a single drug to do the experiment, even if the sampling data is big, did not consider two factors: lifelong use of heart, liver, kidney long-term damage and thus leads the other organs’ functions deviate too.

The second, when there are more organs dysfunctions, the prescription drug variety increased. It is more than the body can tolerate the toxicity of a single drug. Then, the inevitable organ failure becomes a must happen result!
Wrong treatment direction

Western medicine replaces organ function by drugs. That leads organs to rely on drugs and eventually lost organ functions.

Such as injecting insulin or feed insulin tablets to diabetes II patient. Eventually, the patient’s pancreas totally does not secrete insulin and even the insulin and diabetic drugs lost control for the patient’s glucose.

Yet, the Chinese medicine helps the patient recover deviated organ functions. Therefore, there is no organ failure patient under Chinese medical treatment if gets treated early enough without the organ functions totally destroyed by the western medicine treatments.

When a person is healthy, his personality is healthy, peaceful and attractive.

Otherwise, please read

Western medicine is too young to understand diseases
Such as western medicine does not know what causes the pain. Painkiller, steroid or surgery is used. It leads to high medical cost.

In Chinese medicine, pain is caused by qi or blood flow be blocked. We can use acupuncture, herbs, magnetMoxibustion or called Moxa, scrapping (Gua Sha)*, cupping**, qigong***, or the whole body energy healing to relieve the pain. We also prevent the further pain.
** Cupping:

Such as a patient who had 4 surgeries for each lumbar disc. When his fifth lumbar disc narrowing and caused pain, he came to Frieda. Frieda loosened his tendons and muscles on the back to avoid the problems advanced to his sacral discs. It only took a one-hour acupuncture session. What kind medical cost difference!

Moreover, many nowadays no clue diseases were well treated and documented in the ancient Chinese medicine. literature and history books.

In the 17 century, Chinese medicine already knew how to treat acute, life-threatening infection diseases. Today, when the western medicine still has no clue for the Ebola, an acupuncture school doctoral program student already published her Ebola Chinese medicine treatment paper in May 2015.

In Chinese medicine, our body is as a whole unit. All of our organisms linked together. So, we treat the whole body without the complicated classifications as the western medicine does. When the boy is balanced, it does not fit any disease exist.

Western medicine does not have the yang qi concept
Please read the Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health. Therefore, their treatments suppressed yang qi and extend the recovery period.

Such as Chinese medicine uses heat to reduce pain. The western medicine uses ice to numb the nerve sensation to stop the pain. However, cold congeals that makes the qi and blood pathway becomes narrowing and let the pain last longer or even aggregated.

Wrong methodology
Western medicine uses killing, cut method to treat intruded pathogens such as virus, bacteria and internally generated cancer cells, tumor. That hurts the patient’s body and health.

Yet, Chinese medicine boosts organ functions to have a healthy and balanced internal environment to not fit the intruders survive and diseases exist. Boost immunity to avoid pathogens invade our body. The treatments are more humane and minimize the damage to the patient. Meanwhile, the patient has a better quality of life.

Ethical universal Codes directly regulate the world and each one’s health
Western medicine and western world do not have this concept. That caused nowadays no peace in the world.

There is too much to say.

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