How to Use GFt Products

For the medical grade recovery serum,  only ATC (Authorized Treatment Center) can buy it and they are applied by professionals who hold professional license such as acupuncturists, laser doctors, surgeons, MDs, dermatologists, nurses and aestheticians. The differences for those professionals are: First, the needles’ length has different  limitation for each professional. Then, it is the ability to treat the medical issues for the skins. The last is to remove the root problems for the problem skin. Among all of the professionals, only acupuncturists can perform the best job for medical beauty without boundary for the needle length as long as it can be used safely.

  1. Recovery skin serum: to treat pigmentation, scars, fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skins. Please click for GFt recovery skin serum application methods.
  2. Daily skin serum: After cleansing face thoroughly, apply a samll amount of serum onto fingers and lightly facial massage over the entire face and neck. If needed, apply toner and sun screen.
  3. Eye Serum: After cleaning the skin, dispense a very small quantity (gently press the pump no more than halfway down) onto a clean finger. Using gentle pressure, apply around the eye area in a circular motion until the serum is absorbed. For optimum results apply mornings and evenings.Contact us.
    © 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.

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