How Does Acupuncture Treat Pain?

Researchers said that acupuncture can relieve the pain is due to body secrete natural body opiates – endorphin by Dr. Bruse Pomeranz.

There are also other treatments: euphoria, analgesia, relaxation, hot pad, massage, sauna, etc. to help temporary relive the pain.

The difference is that with the correct acupuncture treatment, the result last long. In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), anything blockage energy and blood flow (in the level of hurt our daily function) will cause pain to remind us to fix the problem. In the western term, it can say that is the toxins blockage. They are piles of electrolytes. Therefore, acupuncture induces the electrolytes flowing away along meridians. That’s why it solve the problem of pain and last longer than other . In TCM, a good physician will also further to find out why those electrolytes accumulated there and will fix the problem. That’s why acupuncture and TCM fixes the root problem and let the result last longer.

Every treatment that mentioned above has its own approach. The one that stand out eventually is the one that has the good result, last long and will cause no problem later. Acupuncture already passed thousands of years’ time test.

The the warning sign of pain can be a small local mild blockage, a severe local blockage as cancer, or a reflex pain from a remote site such as an organ problem or a meridian’s blockage or whatever. No matter how, it is caused by cold with or without many other reasons. It’s due to cold makes things congeal or sinking and hot makes things moving.

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© 2011 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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