High Blood Pressure Causes and TCM Treatments

In TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), there is no “high blood pressure” disease name due to it’s not a disease. It’s a western medicine disease name. In TCM it’s a symptom not a cause and it does not cause the other sicknesses. It’s due to the root problems of high blood pressure caused the other severe diseases or consequences. If you can understand it and try to find the real problem(s), then, the treatment result can be more satisfied.

The important is not the blood pressure reading. Due to its reading is constant changing according to emotional, thinking and activities even talking can make blood pressure goes higher than rest without think anything and in a calm state.

The most important is to find out the causes of your high blood pressure to see if you need to take care or not. Due to these causes might cause the other severe situations. Such as if you have liver yin deficiency and caused liver yang raising (angry pushed blood goes to head strongly without control, if you have stiff neck that blocked energy and blood flow smoothly to head chronically or you have sticky blood, both of them caused brain blood vessels be blocked and became narrowed.  At this moment, the strong upward flowing blood caused by high blood pressure can broken the blood vessels in the brain and leads to stroke.

Now, let us look at the chart below for the high blood pressure causes in order to focus on finding out the root problems, solve the health  problem completely and avoid sick.

High Blood Pressure Causes Chart

High Blood Pressure Causes Chart

Of cause, if you can find nature therapy methods such as TCM that uses acupuncture, moxibution, herbs, herbal meal/tea/bath/past, qi gong (Chinese exercises), meditation, change life style such as go to bed earlier in order to let organs to have time to do self detoxification by following meridians flowing time (You can read it from Chinese Medicine Theory.)  in order to detoxify the spaces between organs (including nerves, lymph, connect tissues), liver and gallbladder; hypnosis, hypnotherapy,  energy healing (Everyone has the healing energy. I am writing the book to teach you how to get it and how to use it. It’s one of the universe’s best gifts to us. Please come back to check it. I will give out fist 100 readers-may be more depends on readers’ comments for my website. More interactive comments, more free copies will give out.) and moral cultivation are all good approaches. Of cause, there are speed differences for different approaches and the professional knowledge/skills involved. In clinic, there are causes that the patients’ high blood pressure are from drugs and self nerves about could encountering high blood pressure reading.

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