Health Tips

For thousand years history, Chinese folks developed many longevity methods to keep them healthy without sick or even sick, they can use a cheap way to treat themselves. Actually, all of the races in the world even animals knows how to use plants to treat their sicknesses. However, due to modernization and team work, a lot people lost this natural ability.

But, Chinese civilization is earlier than majority of the countries in the world. Those treatments were systematically be collected and documented as part of traditional Chinese medicine.

In order for you to reach higher health standard and keep medical spending money in your own pocket, I would like to share health tips with you. Hope that you can apply them in your daily life to avoid being sick or make your sickness goes away sooner or further improve your health.

We will group the health tips to be:


Diet – Foods (herbal meals, herbal snacks), drinks (herbal tea or juice)


Facial Rejuvenation Tips

Herbal Bath

The things your doctor does not tell you

Sanitize without Antibiotics

Self-Healing covers a broad health issues to help you save medical cost, improve quality of life.

Due to time constrains, the health tips will be posted gradually. Hope that you can visit our website often and share the health tips with your loved ones to make them to be healthy companies in your life to share all kind happiness with you.

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