GFt Recovery Skin Serum Application Methods

Please realize Why  Growth Fcator (FGt)  Recovery Serum Needs Professional Treatments? first.

  1. Let client coming without make up. If  she put make up in face, let her go to wash face first then come back for treatment.
  2. Change if needed and put hair cover or hair band or towel hair clip on to fix hair without bothering treatment, lay down on back on the treating chair or bed.
  3. Wear gloves and make sure all needed tools are well sensitized.
  4. Use Ozone steamer to spray on face while you clean the face until pores open up and face get enough moisture. It’s around 5 minutes to turn off the steamer. Make sure before you open the stamping needle and/or serum, your steamer is in off mode to avoid moisture enter them to effect their sterilization and the active ingredients in the serum.
  5. Clean face with cleaner with warmer water to clean twice to make sure the skin is rid of any excess dirt and oils. If with makeup coming, clean one more time.
  6. Use Diamond microdermabrasion or scrub (15~ 30 minutes and rest for 20 min for machine to avoid melt plastics) to treat face.
  7. Or scrub after microdermabrasion.
  8. Massage face (using fingers to taping on face) to relax muscles.
  9. Apply serum (either daily or recovery serum) on the whole face. You can use fingers with glove or a Q-Tip or injection tube to apply serum on face.
  10. For deluxe treatment, use one hand to hold head (always do so when doing stamping) and use another hand to hold stamping needle to stamp forehead until reach each side temple area’s hair line. Apply serum right the way on the stamped area.
  11. Then, stamp one side from the ear down through the jaw line back up to the cheek. For under the eyes, you should be careful to use very light pressure, then, fill in the rest of the cheek. Then, apply serum immediately at the stamped area. In case of  wrinkles, or an area like the corner is too small for stamping, pull the skin to make stamping easier.
  12. Repeat #11 for the other side of the face.
  13. Come up the chin to upper lip, then side of nose using very light pressure as this area is very sensitive. Apply serum as soon as stamping is done to this area only.
  14. If  client wants to stamp on neck and/or chest, then do stamping on the area then apply serum. Stamping video: You can charge more for your extra service.
  15. Repeat #10 to 14 for one more time. The basic rule is serum, stamp-serum (repeat for forehead, one side of face, another side of face,  below nose and chin).
  16. Important: Let client do not wash face until next day to allow full absorption for the GFt recovery serum due to it’s expensive and very effective.

Before visit, please fill in clients GFt Facial Rejuvenation Consultation Form.

Do not stamp on infection, pus, and/or any broken area. If cancer, acne active time, cannot do GFt facial rejuvenation. Do not apply for addiction clients.

Around the eyes, nearby nose and at the corner of mouth are sensitive, do not use too much force to press. Be careful about the nose area, any broken area is easily cause infection along nose goes inside to brain.

Usually, the stamping force is to keep pain level around 5/10 or below by asking clients’ feeling that she/he can take it. If skin has wrinkle(s) or too close to mouth, or area is too small and around  eyes, can pull the skin/muscle to stamp.

Clean and sanitize after every client and end of the day, clean everything used thoroughly. Put stamping needle into sharp container. It’s one time use disposable needle.

Once open the recovery serum, it’s better to use up within 24 hours. It’s better to schedule 2~3 client in the same time in order to finish one bottle in 24 hours. Store the serum according to the instruction label on the serum 4°C~20 °C.

If add scrubbing to help serum penetrate after each time applied serum, the result will be even better.

Contact us.

© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.


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