Emotional Disturbances During Pregnancy

How A Mother’s Health Can Affect

Kid’s Health Chart?
Chart 1 Emotional Disturbances During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women be emotional abused during pregnancy from her family members or from work environment or from pregnant women’s poor communication skills, or poor relationship with or without her control, or position at husband family is too low due to many families and/or cultures treat female as their asset instead of being respected as a human being who is a family member, or poor self moral cultivation – narrow minded or too selfish, etc.

No matter how, if the emotion disturbance is constant or too strong, it can affect the future child health and the pregnant woman’s health. In order to protect next generation’s health and/or the pregnant woman’s health and/or have an easy home care after child birth, it’s important to pay attention for pregnant woman’s emotional health.

Besides too strong emotional disturbance, family member especially the husband or potential father  or closed friend can do something or say something or have professional’s (doctors, acupuncturists, psychologists, coaches, consolers) help to comfort the pregnant woman, energy healing (under writing), classic music, meditation, reading, etc. to calm down emotion. If too severe, it can cause miscarriage or retarded child or any other sickness to cause raising problems and cost.

Below is the chart 1 for easier understanding. They are based on Chinese Medicine Theory and there are real cases be encountered.

How Mothers Health Can Affect Kids Health Chart 1

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