Diabetes (DM II)

  • My name is Alejandro Esparza.Married, father of three sons.I’d like to tell you that when my father passed way in 1997, it was an experience in my life in which he died in my arms and I felt the fear the realization of fragility of life from that moment. I felt intense impact upon my physical being. I went to the Doctor’s and was diagnosed with high sugar levels in my blood. Since then, I have been an emotional and physical wreck so much that it has affected my self-esteem. For many years,  I have taken numerous varieties of medication in hope of improving my physical condition. These medications have also caused secondary effects such as insomnia even though they weren’t able to improve my condition. In my search for a healthier lifestyle. I have even tried alternative acupuncture. After sometime of treatment, I realized that I become easily depressed and the tension of everyday life was to be controlled by my hands by reducing the amount of medications and focusing on improving my lifestyle. This has lowered my levels of tension and sugar. I tell you this because I am grateful and thank you God first and Frieda.By Alejandro Esparza Sept 03, 2007

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