Cultivate Moral can Avoid Disasters

If a person can do moral cultivation, he/she will be healthy. His/her energy fiend and magnetic field should harmonize with  the universe. Therefore, it’s a peaceful society without natural disasters and with plenty harvest.

However, if a person does not cultivate his/her moral, he/she must be sick mentally and/or physically. It is chronic sickness and hardly to be treated well by healthcare professionals i.e. it can not be totally relieved besides the healthcare provider can successful guide he/her cultivate morally to be a fair and objective person instead of selfish, etc. Due to this kind person’s energy fiend and magnetic field are not harmonized with the universe, therefore, they feel discomfort always.

If a group of people’s energy fiends and magnetic fields are not harmonized with the universe, for surely, it will affect the universe routing functions and  leads natural disaster to regain balanced. According to the Buddhist Master Jing Kong (淨空法師), the natural disasters are related to the followings:

Grady – no satisfaction induces flood, tsunami.

Hate induces fire.

Bias induces  wind disasters such as tai feng, tornado, etc.

Proud and unfairness feeling induce earthquake.

Suspect without trust induces landslip.

Killing induces pandemic disease.

Money driving by chemical abuse induces species mutation and genocide, including human beings.

Therefore, if want to avoid natural disasters, we should do moral cultivation and ride off our personality spots such as no satisfaction, hating, bias, proud, suspect, killing (animals and war) and money driving, etc.

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© 2012 Frieda Mah, L.Ac.


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