Crack Sound From Your Knee(s)

It’s quite often that you can hear a sound from your knee(s) or from the other’s knee(s) when standing up after a long seating or squatting. It means that some of your tendons surrounding your knee(s) are tight and there is unbalanced pulling force from opposite sides tendons or there is a displacement from you knee-joint. You can look for a good acupuncturist to loosen your tendon or a chiropractor to adjust the displaced joint back. Otherwise, prolonged, you will have Meniscus Tear. The simplest tear is only tear the tendon that recovers quicker. The severe one is tear the cartilage of the meniscus. It needs surgery in western medicine. But, in Chinese medicine, we can use intake herbs or external herbal past or external herbal powder plus moxibution to treat without surgery but take longer time than a torn tendon. The more complicated one has both torn tendon and meniscus cartilage.

Do you want to know the pay off for a meniscus tear? It’s pain, mobility difficulty that lost daily convenience, life happiness and productivity or it means lost income or money pay for more expensive treatment later.

Therefore, fix your crack sound knee(s) as early as possible.

If you visit a good acupuncturist, it is not only to fix your knee, but also treat the root problem of your knee such as why your tendons are tighter than the others in the same activity as you do and they do not get meniscus tear? Besides the age and the amount of the activities that one involved, in the Chinese Medicine, liver nourishes the tendon. In case of there is liver toxins, liver cannot send enough nutrition and moisture to the tendon. Meanwhile, it also cannot carry away all of the toxins in the tendons. That is the root problem to make the tendons tight.

Also, please look at the Chinese medicine treatment testimonials for Meniscus Tear.

After you get fixed, please read Raise Your Legs 90 Degrees Up Against the Wall and self-healing.

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