Chinese Hypnosis Treatments

The tools used in hypnosis are therapy are only use inducing, music and light spectrum. It’s focus on the physical, mind (heart in Chinese) and soul to treat; going back to passed life, previous life and future life ( need to polish personality and purity soul) to focus. It does not request patient to control their own diet and change life style when it’s hard for them to change.

The modern Chinese hypnosis covers the followings (Contents will be added any time.):

Sometimes, hypnosis needs to bounded with the other traditional Chinese medicine or other aids to treat.

Hypnosis is not properly to be use for less than seven years old kids, IQ less than70 and any one’s emotion in hyper status.



Treatment Results


Emotion Anger,easily get mad,sadness,threaten,not happy,anxiety,stress Emotional problem solved, become happy
Bipolar Solve emotion problem,become happy No matter how long has it, all can be treated;for longer sickness needs more times to treat
Autism Beside can social with the others, also can develop their special talent(s)
Asperger syndrome (autism spectrum disorder)
Head and Five Sensory Concussion Two treatments can recover 70% Otherwise, no charge
Trigeminal nerve pain Reduce pain quickly 70~80% be solved within1~2 hours treatments
Alzheimer, dementia Treatable No limitation for sickness time.
Tinnitus Problem solved
Olfactory dysfunction
Ageusia, dysgeusia
Children IQ develop Develop subconscious, photo memory; speed reading
Short height Normal development (but, it is limited by gene) No growth hormone is needed
ADHD Can be treated
Chickenpox Quick result
Picky eater Can be corrected
Mumps Can be treated
Sleeping disorder Can be treated
Puberty Puberty syndrome Can reasonably deal with the people.
Development Problem Normal development
Cognitive behavioral disorder Behavior be corrected Such as truancy, steal, fight, lie, etc.
Male,Female Menstruation problems Regulate menstruation to be normal without PMS
Choice male or female to pregnant Follow your wish to get the gender that you want to pregnant
Recurrent abortion Help to keep the fetus
Infertility Become fertility Need to treat both couples
Frigidity Twice of 45 minutes can get some feeling;6-8treatments can see observable improvement;more than 10 times, get more than 90% improvement
Impotence and premature ejaculation
Sperm and/or egg’s quality not good Improve sperm and egg’s quality
Poor communication between couples Improve or recover normal relationship
Neural Rehabilitation Acquired nerve damage and rehabilitation No matter how long the nerve be damaged, do 3 ~ 5 times of 45 minutes treatments can bridge the two disconnected spots
Pain Management Regular pain syndrome After relaxed, immediately pain relief
Stop pain sensation Surgery/Dental work Can stop pain within 48 hours,or, even longer Has less blood loss during operations
Tumor Any kind tumor Besides quickly eliminate tumor, also open wisdom for dealing with the world. After disappeared, it will not happen within 6 months.
Traveling Jack lag One treatment can work well.
Acclimatization Eliminate symptoms No digestion tract problem for cruising
Language problem Learn language within short time
Mountain Sickness (Height Syndrome>2440ft),Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS>2750ft)-shortage oxygen Avoid pulmonary edema (HAPE), cerebral edema (HACE) Save lives
Beauty Skin Whiten skin, burns, blisters Needs some products to achieve the result
Acne, Itching Relive; if induced by emotion, can treat emotion problem Some cases needs herbs, etc, to treat other health issues induced problems
Breast Enlargement 2~3 times of one hour treatment can increase one size of   bra cup
Weight Loss Can carve the body: put extra fat to breasts and/or hip. Also can burn fat out without putting anywhere. Can use traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen body to avoid overweight
Carving body Besides bone structure, can change outlook by adding or reducing any part of body size
Bell’s Palsy Recovery original face or become even better by facial rejuvenation Acupuncture and/or products to treat root problem
Eye Bags Eliminate
Wrinkles Eliminate
Surgery Surgery Avoid surgeries that are non-accident caused Accident such as gun injury still needs surgery.
Post surgery rehabilitation treatments Good treatment results
Digestion Anorexia syndrome By treating any psychology caused problems to eliminate it
Any digestion tract diseases Strengthen or control peristalsis (contracting) to eliminate problem
Addictions Smoke,alcohol,drugs Can well treat any kind emotional problem and eliminate the addiction After addictions be treated, it depends on condition, we can help to take away tar in lungs, toxins in liver by other TCM treatments
Respiration Asthma Can be treated
Circulation Blockage in blood vessels Can be removed, no surgery needed
Poor circulation Reduce fat and increase blood vessels elasticity
Heart Lack of bumping force Strengthen heart bumping force The other health problem use acupuncture and herbs to treat
Heart enlargement Can be eliminated
Heart failure Unblock blood vessels
Secretion Incontinences Can be eliminated
Constipation Can be eliminated Cancer patients take more treatments
Urination problems Can be eliminated Cancer patients take more treatments
Water retention, swollen Quick relief
Ascites Can be treated
Dialysis No dialysis needed Can use acupuncture and/or herbs to treat
Maternity Fetus malposition Correct position
Perinatal discomfort Can be eliminated
Anxiety before and after birth Can be eliminated
Recovery shape Recover quick No pregnant marks
Lactation Lack of lactation or no lactation Can be eliminated
Excessive lactation Can be eliminated
Mastitis Quick relief
Lactation Suppression Suppress lactation
Others Abdomen hernia (inguinal hernia) Let intestines back to position and tighten abdominal wall to hold intestines
Insomnia Immediate effectiveness
Acute stage of stroke Prevent worse stroke situations Call 911 to sent to ER
Stroke rehabilitation Recover quicker Including paralyzed
Large blood loss Stop blooding Call 911 to sent to ER
Seizer Can be treated.
Parkinson’s disease Good and quick result.
Spine dislocation Can be treated
Stammer Can be treated
Poor mobility Recover mobility, do not need cane or walker to help walk Should not have acquired body injury
Self Development Ability development: Improve performance, alter behavior, increase concentration/focus and memory. Develop subconscious, help low IQ person development. After long treatment, subject fells calm and wisdom development. Do self-hypnosis everyday
Entertainment Group instant hypnosis A group rapidly enters hypnosis state.
Stiff body for an alive person Subject person will be put straightly on two chairs at head and feet without support in the middle.
Act as a clown A  random picked up volunteer from attendants, under hypnosis state  to perform comic show.
Soul Lost Soul (mind) Holding soul back to normal
Ghost Bothering Exorcism
Get Threaten Overcome threaten feeling

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