Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I am a 72 year old woman from Texas who had never visited an acupuncturist before going to see Licensed Acupuncturist Frieda Mah in Artesia, California, while vacationing there. Ms. Mah was recommended by my traveling companion who had previously received pain-relieving and healing treatments for neck pain and vertigo. Out of curiosity to see if acupuncture might relieve my pain and discomfort from carpal tunnel syndrome, I scheduled a series of appointments. When I entered treatment, I could not raise my right arm and my grip in my right hand was weak. With each treatment, I felt improvement in my hand and by the end of the series of treatments, I could raise my arm high, which was impossible before due to severe pain.

From the moment I walked into the treatment facility, Ms. Mah began teaching me the terminology and practices of Chinese medicine. She taught me about Chinese exercises and the proven foods to eat and liquids to drink to strengthen the body. I learned from her that acupuncture can well treat almost everything from a drippy nose to urinary incontinence. I will seek to find an acupuncturist of high quality, like Ms. Mah, in Texas in hopes of continuing my pain-relieving acupuncture treatments. Most definitely, I will return to California as often as I can to receive treatments from Ms. Mah, who has inspired me and shown me the way to a stronger physical and emotional life because of acupuncture. I highly recommend Frieda Mah as an exemplary health professional.

By Shirley Chenault from Texas, USA on November 15, 2011


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