Breast Tumor and Breast Cancer Problems

Brest tumor and/or cancer is so scaring to many female sisters. However, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have numerous successful breast tumor and cancer cases to be well treated. Please refer to the blow breast tumor cases and do not worry. Get the health provider and the right treatments are the most important thing to do.

  • Since I was in my early twenties, I have been experiencing a shooting sharply pain in my left breast, coming from time to time for seconds. Till I hit my forty, the pain start getting worse and coming more often.Then, I had started getting a nipple milky yellow discharge from my left breast. My clothes got yellow stains and the discharge happened on its own even without touching my breast ( which  I said is ok),  two weeks later this fluid turned to a sticky greenish, about one week right after that turned into brown. The last discharge I got was brown-bloody. (Where I got scare). I started the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment that Frieda told me. For one week, everyday around 50 minutes, where the discharge and the pain disappear totally. Now one year and half after the treatment, nothing to mention.Thanks Frieda.

    By MABELLA AYALA., USA; Nov 12, 2012

  • Over a night and suddenly I felt pain in the breast special around the nipple and the arm, with reddened, warm, and hard area on the right breast.From the first time, (burning the breast with moxa,) I noticed the breast became less hardness, the reddened just around the nipple, and less pain.I kept burning for one month till all that symptoms disappear.When I went back to Kuwait, I talked with one of my coworker (I am working in nuclear medicine field) who is a Oncologist (the funny part) she told me do NOT trust the Chinese Medicine, and she forced me to take mammogram, and she found out that it was a tumor tuned to infection.

    By Marry Anderson  Kuwait, wrote at FL, USA, Nov 12, 2012


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