Attitude Toward to Kids’ Education

My father was not a formal educator. However, his advice of how to educate my kids are always worth for me to share with the others.

My father raised seven children including me, my oldest son until he was two and half years old.

When I was young, I did not pay attention to my father’s greatness but only did my best to not let him feel worry or bad from me. Until I have children, I learned how to appreciate he did for us. It’s uncountable favor from my father’s education. Such as no snack besides formal meals and no picky for foods, always appreciate for foods that gave us healthier eating habits; respect to older generations; never leave troubles to the other people; do not take advantage from the other people, etc.

Though I can not finish writing down all of my father’s good education, I would like to share his education attitude.

There are five hearts (心,pronounce as xin in Chinese) to be used in children’s education:

  1. Love (愛心,pronounced as ai xin in Chinese). Its feeling supports a child to pass his/her life difficulties. With love, a child can feel and recognize his/her value of life.
  2. Patience (耐心,pronounced as nai xin in Chinese). It helps a child to finish his/her tasks and improves his/her skills, make friends, etc.
  3. Constancy (恆心,pronounced as heng xin in Chinese). It helps a child to conquer hard skills, achieve his/her goals, etc.
  4. Painstaking (苦心,pronounced as ku xin in Chinese). It is the sacrifice of parents’ enjoyment to exchange a child’s healthy growth environment and without spoil the child to let him has sympathy and respect to the others instead of raising a self centered selfish child.
  5. Determination (決心, pronounced as jue xin in Chinese). Once determined, should work hard and be prepared to pass obstructions to reach destination. It’s is a long term journey without give up but trial and error to change routs instead of erosion to the great dream.

Hope this can help every parent.

© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.


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