A Sjogren’s Syndrome Case

This case is induced by more than 15 years severe mental stress and physical issues.

Totally less than 10 hours treatment for her Sjogren syndrom, all dry symptoms gone with many other physical issues.

How to treat?

  1. All of the dry sites locate at the head, therefore, the neck should be loosen in order to get enough energy/blood supply to the head.
  2. Strengthen the lungs by needling LU1 (LU 1toward to LU 2 inside the muscle to avoid injury the lungs) and ST 40 3″ needle in 200 Hz e-stem to expel phlegm in the lungs. Ren 17 to make sure upper chest energy flow freely.
  3. LI 20, san gen to open local qi flow.
  4. Disperse lungs heat: LU 10 or add LU 11 if there is tenderness.
  5. If nose is still dry, check C8 to T3 to see if there is tightness tendon, if yes, and more than one vertebral bone, along the spine, needle in beside spinous processes but above the spine bone. If there is any disc has tenderness, do jia ji to avoid pinch nerve later. After that, check if erector spinae muscles are tight or not. If yes, let the patient come back to loose it to avoid narrow disc, pinch nerve, etc.
  6. Soothe emotion: LR 13, ST 25 (let liver toxins be expelled through large intestines directly. Add LR2, GB 43 (if nightmare, add GB44 and LR1) to treat insomnia that waking between 1~3 AM. Ren 14, 4 to soothe heart and make patient be happier.
  7. SP 9 to regulate water distribution in the body. Meanwhile help spleen function better.
  8. ST 44 (if ST 45 is tender, use happy pin to pin it) to reduce stomach heat to reduce dry mouth. Meanwhile, if patient intake cold foods/drinks, let him/her take food/drinks near body temperature. Or room temperature in the summer for the most area and cases.
  9. If dry lips, SP 2 or add SP 1 if it’s tender.
  10. If mouth and lips are still dry, do T 2 jia ji. Or check if there is a pain center. loose if by pain center treatment.
  11. Dry eyes, UB2, if severe, the tendon at superior nuchal line of skull should be loosen by needle horizontal needles with e-stim. Also, liver, gall ladder fire also can cause it.
  12. Boost up the root of immunity kidney by needle 2″ needle from KD 7 toward the other side of heel (not go out the other side of skin) to make the feet be warm up by move away all toxins below KD 7. By warm up feet, patient does not need to worry about heart problem and cancer.
  13. If want to speed up the process, can use magic herbal bag to do moxa in case of needed. This case did

During treating the Sjogren syndrome, the patient also had pneumonia, severe flu with tiredness. That made the treatment became longer.

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