A Gangrene Case

It’s before last Christmas, patient due to poor circulation on her lags and there was a black spot on her left heel. Due to looking for different healthcare providers, but did not get the right treated, the patient got gangrene on her left heel. The skin and muscle were eroded and could see the bone. In order to avoid patient’s bone be eroded, I visited patient to treat. It’s due to the patient is old and too weak to visit my far away clinic.

Patient (90 years old female) had no diabetic history. It’s due to that she had left heel pain and gradually laying down on the bed and lost her mobility. It also caused poor circulation on her both legs and feet.

Below was the pictures that I took on Jan 3, 2013 while my first visit :

1-3-2013 heel pic 1
Jan 3 2013 left heel erosion Picture 1
1-3-2013 pic 2
Jan 3 2013 left heel erosion Picture 2
1-3-2013 pic 3
Jan 3 2013 left heel erosion picture 3
Note: It’s the aloe vera past on the pic 2 and 3.

The home visit on Jan 3, 2013 was to increase blood circulation on her legs and feet. Then, let patient apply external serum everyday. The result is phenomena.

Below pictures were took on Jan 25, 2013:

1-25-2013 pic 1
1-25-2013 pic 2Jan-25-2013-gangrene-recovery-pic-2

If result like this, there is no needs for amputation or any surgery to cut off undamaged part. However, we are still waiting for clinical trial to spread the treating method to the world.

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© 2013 Frieda Mah, L.Ac., NGH C. Ht.


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