Get a Second Opinion, When Your MD Told You….


Get a Second Opinion, When Your MD Told You….

Get a Second Opinion, When Your MD Told You….

There are many diseases that western medicine does not know how to treat or how to explain that how patients got the disease. Therefore, I can see when MDs does not know how to treat. Meanwhile, to keep their authorities in the front of their patients. The followings are the common reasons or the conclusion of a patient’s disease. I feel funny and sad for the patient:

  1. Inherent – most times, it’s from lifestyle or diet or environment.
  2. Autoimmune disease; I had fixed a patient’s auto-immune disease with three of one-hour pure acupuncture sessions. The patient’s rashes were from phlegm in lungs induced her craving for the spicy foods in order to expand her lungs. The spicy food’s hot property induced her rashes on her skin.
  3. Cancer: When I worked at sea, I treated a patient who had a very stressful job. So, he had a mild enlarged spleen and every month, one pint of blood be withdrawn. His body temperature was very high that he told me his wife had many years did not close to him. She stood a couple of feet distance away from him and talked to him. I solved his body temperature in the first visit. In Chinese Medicine, I can fix him within a month. He wasn’t a cancer patient. However, months later, he was under a chemotherapy. Then, he became a real cancer patient.
  4. Mental disease: I had a nurse who had a knee pain. For years, his MD could not fix her and told her that her liver had trouble and caused her knee pain. So, she needs a surgery to cut off part of her liver. Otherwise, his MD will put her under mental disease pills that will affect her career. When cruising, she came to me. I fixed her knee pain in a session of one-hour pure acupuncture treatment. I asked her that, does she agree with her MD? She told me that’s why she visiting me and give a try.

Cancer is totally preventable. So does any kind of diseases. And there is never a silent kilter cancer or disease for anyone. Before sick, our body already gives us warning signs.

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