Join International Academic Researchers’ Network for Patients’ Benefits

Join International Academic Researchers’ Network for Patients’ Benefits


Join International Academic Researchers network for Patients Benefits: This is an invitation for acupuncturists to join an academic researcher’s network to share clinical experiences, research ideas, comments or answer the other researcher’s questions, under research papers, etc.


Comparing to Chinese medicine, Western medicine has relatively very short history to develop. Plus, the Chinese medicine was developed in a very beneficial developing environment that the ancient time, people’s mind was a lot simpler, less material attractions and less so much and quick interruptions from outside. Ancient Chinese physicians mainly focused on how could well treat patients with a calm mind to think and a master to follow clinical treatments for a long time until the master felt comfortable to release his student.


The master guided his students in ethic, attitude toward to patients, study knowledge, thinking, diagnoses skills and treatment skills. That has a higher standard than nowadays medical schools’ training, etc.


Therefore, western medicine cannot treat many diseases well, Chinese medicine physicians could easily well treat the patient. Moreover, western medicine has no concept regarding the yang Qi. Therefore, many of the western medical treatments are against with the patients’ health needs. The results are many patients suffering from lost life quality, wealth, job and even lost life or the happiness and expectations for life.


Weeks ago, I did a two full days (each day more than ten hours) research on-line. It’s due to her diseases has a very strong infection. Her disease causes are complicated with many symptoms. All of her symptoms have lingered for six years.

For tough cases, I do multiple angles research including drug side effects. Without my notice, I entered an international academic researchers’ website. There are more than 10 million researchers including 52 Nobel Prize Winners. In order to let the Chinese medicine can step on the international western medicine research stage and have the opportunity to exchange ideas, I got accepted as their member.


It’s a researchers’ platform. Employers also browse for employees or post jobs there.


There is no Chinese medicine category. It’s a pure western medical world. When I saw researchers have questions about their research. I guided them toward to TCM. However, I noticed that if acupuncturists can be a group to post TCM stuff there can have better results.

Therefore, I sincerely hope that if you like to do research and like to step on the stage, please apply to join. So, we can make some powerful voice out about the beauty of the Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, help to cut down medical cost in research and health care.


If you are interested, please go to to apply for their membership. It’s free. If you do not work for an institute or a research organization like me, please use a personal email address to apply. If get rejected, please contact them for special approval. You need to have publications and/or research papers in order to get approval. After you join, please contact me at facebook. So, when needed, we can mutually support.

Hope that we can work together for patient’s benefits and cut down medical cost!To write a brand new page for the medical research.

Note: Please read Frieda’s new post on Oct 1, 2016: A Grateful Day.

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