Facing More and More Cancer and Severely Sick Patients

Facing More and More Cancer and Severely Sick Patients

Use a business common sense, if invested more and more money to do clinical research and more and more manpower to treat patients. But, the result is more and more severe sick patients coming out. There should be some things wrong.
Here, I cannot cover all mistakes. But, I would like personally to point out some things in the medical field and in the acupuncture field as well as what I encountered from treating patients.

Ancient Chinese medicine had records successfully treated cancers and well documented. It is also true for many other nowadays no clue diseases were well treated and well documented. You might have the following questions:

 Why ancient Chinese medicine knew how to treat cancers and nowadays no clue diseases?
The first, the ancient Chines medicine books are not so easily to understand.

The second, The ancient Chinese physicians could clearly identify yin and yang. But, westernized Chinese medicine, the yin and yang diagnosis is not as accurate as the ancient time.

The third, please read Yang Qi Functions and Its Relationship with Health. The western medicine does not have the yang qi concept. A lot western medicine treatments suppress the patient’s yang qi and caused a lot sequel diseases but are not noticed by the health care providers except the ones who well know ancient Chinese medicine. Plus, how to protect yang qi is not being noticed in the health care system. So does the general public.

For example, after surgery, delivering a baby, severely sick patients, they need to boost yang qi to recover body’s functions. But, all of the hospitals supply cold, icy water to suppress the patient’s yang qi. It slows down the recovery. It’s also common to get a cup of icy water in a restaurant or in a meeting.

The fourth, there were no regulations at the ancient time like now to ban so many potent herbs. Those herbs caused death or severe situations were not caused by well trained acupuncturists, but from the not knowledgeable people miss used the herbal subtraction in high dosage or they do not know the compatibility of the herbal knowledge that is so important in the traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese herbs are usually processed to conquer the toxin damage, but use its properties to treat diseases.

The main difference with the Chinese medicine and the western medicine is that: The western medicine is like playing chemical to find a powerful binding element to the specific receptors. Yet, the Chinese medicine like physics to use the herbal property of hot, cold, lifting, draining downward or disperse characters to guide the herbs to the right site to do tonify, sedate, breakdown blockage or repair jobs.

The government officers and the consumer affairs do not recruit enough number of the knowledge Chinese medicine physicians. In many cases, they want the acupuncturists to do volunteer jobs. It does not work for the US society that knowledge is valuable and suppose like to treat the western medical professionals to pay high to hire them as consultants in government sectors. Or, hire acupuncturists to do medical continue education for them including the congress to update their knowledge.

The fifth, the acupuncturists practice at the situation of been sewing the mouth and tie the hands to treat patients. How can acupuncturists practice well?

The sixth, the general public and MDs view acupuncturists like secondary practitioners. Therefore, acupuncturists advice has not been counted.

The seventh, there are too many misleading in the medical field. How to give the general public the correct knowledge to help prevent diseases is an urgent needs. Government should have budget for it.

The eighth, most patients, especially the severely sick patients do not think that they are in charge their own health, but relying on a cheaper health care to take their health. It is not only adding burden to the people who take care their own health. But, they are a heavy burden for all. I could see patients enjoy life and abuse their bodies, but ask for a lot cheaper charges for them.

The ninth, too much material and social desire, make people have severe body, mind and soul blockage. Ethic of caring the other people, willing to give gratitude are also low. Self centered, lack of sympathy, enjoy more than learning the right knowledge is so popular. That lead to poor judgment, but blindly follow the majority.

The tenth, there are more and more chemical and strong chemicals be used in agriculture, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, restaurants, daily supplies like cleaning, etc. the accumulated toxins are more and stronger than decades before. They are cold properties in general. That suppresses the yang qi. Therefore, in the Chinese medicine, there are so many Jue yin symptom patients. Jue yin is the Liver. It’s the most severe stage in diseases.

Please read  Cold Foods Drinks Caused Problems Chart Rev 1 and Cold Foods and Cold Drinks Caused Health Problems.

 Why nowadays acupuncturists do not know how to treat cancer and nowadays no clue diseases as their ancestors?
Please refer to my articles of
Does TCM School Teach Enough Knowledge Compare to Ancient TCM Medical System?
Does TCM School’s Teaching Meets Nowadays’ Medical Needs?

As I read, Japan scientists recommended their recovery and asked Japan government to set Chinese medicine as a must course in all medical schools including western medicine schools. In 2008, it became a law.

China becomes stronger, so quickly. Their People’s Assembly includes representatives from all fields. Surprised me that in 1980, they have an expert on jade in the Assembly to recommend passing the law to avoid high quality jade to be made in low quality workmanship and be exported to sell cheap.

In comparison, the US acupuncturists’ voice is so weak or be neglected. But, acupuncturists as the last hope of the general public to visit, we can see the medical mistakes clearly.

There are too much to discuss and it covers too broad. The only thing that I can say is that at this aging era, any country can successfully solve the aging and high medical cost problem will be the final winner of the future world game play,

I deeply expect there can be some forms change in the medical school education, including western and acupuncture schools. The medical cost is too high, the severely sick patients number increased so quickly, An immediate change is a must to do.

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