Why Does Chinese Medicine Work so Well?

Why Does Chinese Medicine Work so Well? It is a most encountered question from my patients. Let’s review it from different angels.

  1. It has 25o millions history.
  2. During this long period of time and following China’s history, the Chinese medicine influenced broad countries in the world such as Korean, Japan, Mainland Southeast Asia, the countries that along the silk road, etc.
  3. It is a medical system that passed long time and a broad area’s test.
  4. It has variety ways to approach health. Usual is a very economic way to achieve health. So, most of them become a daily common sense be adopted in daily life.
  5. It does not rely on machine test, lab test. From body’s warning signs can offer the most accurate and early signs to get rid of sickness before sick.
  6. The medical professionals in the Chinese history usually has a lot knowledge including literature. Therefore, the medical knowledge is included in literature and history articles and encyclopedias, etc. It attracted broad talents to contribute to the medical system. It’s not like the western world be limited in professional format to write and limited to the well trained professionals to access and contribute to the system.
  7. In the ancient time, people hunting or farming to make a living. Due to fighting for foods and other resources, if a tribe’s members without a good health, the tribe can be eliminated or conquered. Therefore, a tribe or a country or a community members health and the number of the members were a big concern for the leaders.Therefore, an easy and economic health approach was adopted in the Chinese history.
  8. In the ancient time, there was not so many daily interruptions in daily life. The materials attraction was also low. Therefore, the ancient scholars could be calm and more focus on observations and thinking human and universe relationships to find regulations in the Chinese medicine theory. Therefore, Chinese medicine is linked with the universe directly.
  9. Due to ancient Chinese had the Imperial Examination System and the local officials needed to pay tax to emperors. In the agricultural time, only the territory’s people had good health could help them achieving their duty. Therefore, health policy is highly concerned from top to down officials. 

    In addition, in the Imperial Examination System, the final choice was on the emperors. Therefore, people who attended the exam were focused on the whole country’s benefits.

  10. Moreover, the transportation was not as good as nowadays. Therefore, many self healing methods were implemented such as diet therapies of herbal tea, herbal bath, herbal meals, herbal snacks, qi gong, go gong dao yin shu, meditation, moral cultivation, cupping, scraping, moxibution, etc. are common sense and practiced in most families.Even now, many Chinese still keep the traditional to teach or pass good herbal diets receipts and/or herbal formulas  down from generation to generation.
  11. Due to no insurance, people learned how to take care their selves’ health. On the other hand, the practitioners will not expect to hold a patient too long to get continuous stable income. Plus, the most general public is not rich. So, the practitioners ought to adopt economic ways to treat. Therefore, the medical cost can be controlled not going too high.
  12. In Chinese culture, a knowledge person should have the willing to take care the general public benefits and would like to take the responsibility to do so.The expectation for a knowledge person to be not selfish, to taking care general public is deeply seeded by reading excellent books.

All of the above contribute to make Chinese medicine be a great medicine in the whole world.

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