Can Acupuncture Help Bone Spur?

The etiology for the bone spur is the nearby muscle/tendon is too tight and its length became shorter. In order to avoid pulling and cause muscle and/or tendon tear, by compensation, the bone spurs are formed to increase more length.

One of the acupuncture treatment is to loosen the muscle or tendon, then in the bone spur area, use acupuncture needle or use with our Company unique external used herbal formula if the situation is severe or want to get quicker results to make the bone spur goes away before it is calcified.

The tight muscle and/or tendon are caused by overuse or pulling of the muscle or tendon. Such as using a wrong posture: turning head or raise head to watch TV, lower head to work on the computer or cellular phone or pillow’s height is not right or stand, sit or lay down postures are not even or repeat a motion too many times due to job needs, getting cold invade the body, etc.

If treat the root problems:

  1. If it’s the muscle problems, treat the spleen or treat the spleen/kidney or the spleen/liver depends on the causes.
  2. If it’s the tendon problem, treat the liver.
  3. Expel the coldness in the body.
  4. Correct the wrong posture: put object in the front of the eyes and keep the same height as eye sight. Keep the height of the pillow as the same as the neck’s length. Improve job operation to see if can find a way to avoid repeating a same movement too much and too long.
  5. Keep body warm without invading by cold.

Due to long term giving acupuncture treatments and writing my book, my right side body is tighter than my left side. One day, I was working in our new flower bed to transplant roses and plants in hot weather. After I entered the room, I sat a couple inches away from an open window in my back. The cold wind in March blew into my back directly for seven hours continuously. Until midnight, I went to bed.

The second day, I could not move on my bed. My back was rigid liked a thick steel plate and very painful. Lucky was my son came back. He treated me with more than an hour acupuncture and moxibution (Moxa) with my unique herbal formula. I could move like a robot with pain for every movement. The second treatment was one hour. My mobility speed recovered but still with pain. The third time, only use my herbal powder put in a bag, sprayed by wine periodically and moxaed by a moxa stand with three moxa sticks inside the head. After the moxa sticks all burned out, I had no pain and my back recovered its flexibility.

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