Does Our Healthcare go Extra Miles

Does Our Healthcare go Extra Miles?

Does Our Healthcare go Extra Miles?  Will be a series medical case of severe worry, time and money burden for every family member met.

We heard the stories so often and need to spend time to explain one by one due to keep peace with the other therapists and medicines. However, the sadness generated inside as a regular human being and the free consultations from closest friends, the other therapist friends eventually become an unavoidable burden to keep doing free output. Post on my website is one of the solution to ease the consulting time.

The answer is yes. Sometimes, they are good. But, sometimes, it is going in a wrong direction. Moreover, it makes simple and easy health problem becomes costly and painful end. Why? Too many healthcare professionals follow the protocols to treat to avoid the lawsuit instead of thinking or just keep it as a regular job.

Is it the right practice or model for practice? It’s out of our authority to discuss and out of our energy to fight.

As a healthcare professional, we only do what can do to explore the cause, root problems, prognosis for diseases and the result coming out. To save the sky-high cost that sock everyone’s fortunate eventually.

Please be a subscriber to keep informed for the upcoming story. We will report both of the good and bad ones.

Good ones:

  1. Do You Want to Ride Of Your Glasses?

Unwanted ones:

  1.  My father got pneumonia, life is under risk.

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