Do you want to ride of your glasses

Do You Want to Ride Of Your Glasses? I guess that 100% you will say “Yes”! So do I.

We were trained to wear glasses when we can not pass the eye exam test chart. Then, we start to rely on glasses to read. Pretty soon, we need stronger. Eventually, we keep keeping ask for stronger glasses to help reading. However, should we all go through it? Have we ever challenged this inconvenient solution is the correct solution? Did we train to be too obedient? Or, should we use different vision to view our world and regain our health in a natural way?

We are so lucky to have Dr. Ray Gottlieb’s 52 year old male patient in 1976 to ask him to cure his presbyopia in his own eyes through natural vision methods. Eventually, it leaded the cure for myopia and presbyopia and invented the Read Without Glasses Method (RWG).

We are so lucky to besides to use acupuncture to correct vision problems that many people are afraid of needling eyes even it’s very safe, now, we have Read Without Glasses Method! success stories to learn and you can try it.

We are so glad for the new era of medical revolution to regain our health in a natural way without relying on outside support.

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Experienced licensed acupuncturist, speaker, author, coach. Founder of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer.
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