The Future TCM Doctor Program is Supposed to Be

The Future TCM Doctor Program is supposed to Be “The Future TCM Doctor Program is supposed to Be” is to keep TCM not out of date.

TCM has more than 250 million year history. During this long time period, it keeps improving.


If we treat broad traditional Chinese medicine is using any nature way to treat health problems, then, the Huang Di Nei Jing, Huang Di Wai Jing, Shen Long Ben Cao Jing, Shan Han Lun and Jing GUI Yao Lei suppose to put in the master program.
For the doctoral program, it supposes for more advanced study in order to catch the dynamic changing universe. If keep the old curriculum, it is out of date. Please watch the videos:
Hypnosis, cosmic energy or mine Universal Energy Healing are not only can teach patients do self-healing. Also good for the therapist to do group healing as well as do remote healing.
For this century, how to solve the aging problem is every country’s one of the top challenges. Universal Energy Healing is one of the excellent solutions due to do preventive healthcare and encourage elderly to meet and mutual treat i stead staying alone at home to degenerate sooner.
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