TCM School’s Teaching Meets Nowadays’ Medical Needs?

TCM School’s Teaching Meets Nowadays’ Medical Needs?

TCM School’s Teaching Meets Nowadays’ Medical Needs? Unfortunately, the answer is “NOT“!  Many needed classic classes are missing. Therefore, it’s not as powerful as ancient time. Please read below.

Cancers, severe and rare diseases are more common seen than before. It means the acupuncturist’s knowledge and skills needs to be raised up. Though, there are CE classes offered, but it’s not long enough to let acupuncturists to pick up the knowledge.

If any acupuncturist wants to learn better for any one of them, the acupuncturist ought to spend out of pocket money to pay for the private classes. Under low pay premium, plus the crowded clinics in some geographic areas like Southern California, living standard is high and patients’ income is hardly increased or keep, over decades due to compete labor cost with computers, outsourcing to out states or even overseas. The acupuncturist’s total income is generally not enough to pay the classes in money wise. Time wise, after a long day treat many patients, the acupuncturists already exhausted to study by themselves excepts rare numbered acupuncturists who have more energy and is strong patients oriented prefer to scarify personal enjoyment to devote on severe self study and spend money to learn.

Without putting effective treatment classes into the curriculum or having acupuncturists pay extra time and money to learn, the CE course is usually too short to learn a complete profession practice. It likes the attendants learning how to make cookies. Yes, after class, they all can make cookie but how to make tasty cookies successfully for market needs, it takes time to do trial and error by studying, thinking and practicing. To further get the CE course provider’s training is the right way to do to save the most acupuncturists’ time and effort.

On the other hand, insurance reimbursement to the acupuncturists are kept cutting. Therefore, in majority acupuncture clinics, more and more patients should be taking care in an hour by the acupuncturist.

Due to materialized life, the majority of the patients prefer to keep money for the higher life enjoyment level as close as the commercial advertisement images due to the commercials’ brain wash. Or due to US insurance system has not advanced as some other countries to cover preventive health care and no aggressive health care concept be emphasized in the US. A lot patients do not take self health care responsibility but throw their health burden to healthcare providers or the general public. Uncountable patients instead of spending reasonable money to health providers or suffering from sub-health without looking for health care until very severe.

The challenge to the acupuncturists are how to treat severe and tough cases as well as under low reimbursement or low payments from patients to treat more patients but still keep acceptable treatment effectiveness instead of letting general public lost confidence to acupuncturists.

Therefore, the root problem goes back to the TCM schools. Does the TCM school offer enough courses that cover the acupuncturist’s needs after they graduate?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! Let’s see some problems below?

  1. For the herbal education, the TCM sage Zhong Jing Zhang used a lot fu zi (附子,去皮、破八半) in his San Han Lun or Jin Gui formulas. He emphasized to peel the skin is due to all of the fu zi toxins is in the skin. It’s very powerful to treat diseases. However, schools only keep it as an herbal recognition sample instead of using this powerful herb to treat patients. Even schools afraid to use it.
  2. Wen Bing has many important herbs are from animals such as niu huang (cattles or buffalos’ gallstone, 牛黃 ), xiong dan (bears gallbladder, 熊膽), xi niu jia (Rhinoceros horns, 犀牛角)., etc. They are not only expensive but hard to get and also be prohibited to use. However, as read many famous doctors’ medical cases, their books and theories, the high fever is due to the pathogen is strong and immunity has a hot fighting with it that generates the high fever. As long as the defense power cannot overcome the pathogen, the fever cannot drop. At this moment, use fu zi can add yang qi to conquer the pathogen instead of using cold herbs to reduce the heat as wen bing does. The fu zi treatment results are good. Due to fu zi offers the strongest yang qi, it has enough power to treat severe cases even change the patient’s internal environment to be warmer to let cancer cells cannot survive. Fu zi can replace very expensive herbs that are a couple hundred dollars per pound to treat cancer patients.
    It’s better to change Wen Bing class to be either more Shan Han Lun teaching hours or add in the Jin Gui Yao Lue class or other useful classes.
  3. Xi xin (細辛) toxin is in its stem and leaves that is above the ground 1 but not the root. Root has no toxin2. However, the market sold xi xin is root with stem and leaves that caused the regulation of using xi xin should be no more than one qian. It’s a huge mistake. Without enough dosage, it only wastes herb that cannot have enough therapy effectiveness.
  4. There are other herbs similar like fu zi and xi xin.
  5. Majority of hard to treat diseases can find treatment solutions from San Han and Jin Gui. But, both of them are not fully addressed in TCM school education. Though not many acupuncturists are qualified to teach. However, once put them into the curriculum, it stimulates acupuncturists to study, apply them and gradually be qualified to teach in the school.
  6. Huang Di Nei Jing is the bible of the TCM etiology book but it is missing in the doctoral program. Huang Di Wai Jing talks about treatments. It pin points out the right treatment but hard to understand if without proper explanations.
  7. The traditional acupuncture points are basic and great to treat diseases. However, if compare with Dong’s Acupuncture, Dong’s uses less needles, shorter needle staying time but more powerful3. It can treat severe cases such as intractable epilepsy, cerebral palsy4; enlarged liver or spleen 5 breast cancers6, cardiac arrhythmias7, bone spurs8 liver cirrhosis9, etc.

However, there is no TCM school as I know to put it into the curriculum. Dong’s acupuncture already gone through decades generations10 development. It is pretty matured. Though there were more than seven hundred points, Dr. Dong, Jing Chang most used only 20 to 30 points and each time, no more than 8 needles be inserted11.
Even it’s so good, there are still rooms to push it further. Such as there are different ways to use jie xue (解穴12) to manipulate treating times and treatment effectiveness.

  1. Hypnosis classes are covered in western medical school but it is not covered in TCM. It makes patients to follow diet, exercises and lifestyle, instructions. Huang Di (Yellow Emperor) set 13 medical divisions13. Zhu You Shu (祝由術) is closer to hypnosis. But it covered more than nowadays It is needed in TCM schools but has not been offered yet.
  2. Cosmic energy therapy is the most powerful and effective way to prevent sicknesses. But it is not covered by schools. It can do group treatment. Author discovered that everyone has self healing power and it’s easy to get recovered for majority people expect some needs TCM treatment in order to get better stronger cosmic power on hand. Author also uses TCM theory developed Universal Energy Healing that binds comic energy healing, universal codes of love, gratitude, share and love to correct moral cultivation problems, self-suggestions, meditation, qigong exercise, TCM diagnosis and acupuncture point prescription., great self purification.
  3. Meditation and breathing method are important to help self healing and open wisdom. But is not taught by the school even introduced in school education.

The Dong’s acupuncture and universal energy healing are not only greatly reduced an excellent acupuncturist’s development training but also tremendously reduce patients’ medical spending.

There should be other advanced and effective treatment methods that are out of the author’s knowledge. There are also many things can be improved in nowadays US TCM education system not been covered here. This article is a bait to get echo and induce a broad discussion in order to save patients and save medical cost.

Note: Qualification for the author to point out the above.

  1. Ni, Hai Sha is the modern Zhong Jing Zhang who promoted the correct TCM scope, concepts and renew the classic treatments. Author was lucky to be one of his selected students.
  2. Author studies history famous doctors books and cases since 1993. Plus was lucky under Dr. Ni’s teach and a China reserving treasure TCM physician Dr. Ma’s coach.



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