Does TCM School Teach Enough Knowledge Compare to Ancient TCM Medical System?

Since I practice on land in 2010, I faced quite a few people complained that they tried acupuncture treatments but no use. Some of them are acupuncturists’ knowledge/ skill problems and the others are public’ wrong concepts approach to acupuncture treatments.


Besides there is a lot public education is needed to understand TCM treatments, how to raise up acupuncturists’ practice standard is also a major concern. Nowadays TCM physicians can treated diseases is far less than history classic famous doctors.
Let’s look at today’s TCM system and China ancient time medical systems. Nowadays TCM schools only teach less than 1/24 of the historical records in China.


How to say that? TCM emphasizes tian, di and ren three parts especially in the Chapter 75 of Huang Di Nei Jing, that a Chinese medicine physician should know tian (yi jing, ,astronomy, numerology), di (geography, feng shi or yang zai and yin zai), ren (medical treatments) in order to last longer and can teach general public without doubts. The medical theory articles can be treasured and transmit to the later generations. (著至教論篇第七十五上知天文,下知地理,中知人事,可以長久,以教眾庶,亦不疑殆。醫道論篇,可傳後世,可以為寶。)
If skip tian and di, that means only 1/3 left. Then, let’s see how much is taught within this 1/3?


According to the Chinese Medicine History at the A + Medical Encyclopedia (A+醫學百科中醫史), in the Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC – 771 BC) China already established the world’s first hospital and health care system. There were four parts of them. The four parts included diet, Internal medicine, external medicine (ulcerations) and veterinary. They are the world’s oldest hospital medical divisions. If refer to Yellow Emperor’s time, there were 13 divisions. That included Zhu You Shu (祝由術) is closer to nowadays hypnosis scope.


If using Zhou Dynasty classification, we only learned internal medicine in the school, it is 1/3×1/4 = 1/12. Within this 1/12, no moral cultivation. At ancient Chinese, it used apprenticeship system to transfer TCM knowledge. Under this system, moral cultivation is an important decision factor for the knowledge inheritance. Nowadays patients’ illness majority is related to a mindset and spiritual sickness. Without moral education, the 1/12 drops down to less than 1/24. At this maximum 1/24 portion, schools do not teach hypnosis that causes acupuncturists face patients who do not follow instructions to change diet, life styles, etc. feel helpless. With hypnosis, once patient agreed and under hypnosis state, one time suggestion, usually the patient can follow medical instructions. It makes the treatment a lot easier.


On the other hand, in the classic TCM treasure books that were for surely included in the official examinations were Huang Di Nei Jing, Shen Long Ben Cao Jing (more powerful and less herbs than Ben Cao Gunag Mu), Shan Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. They cover the tough cases treatment that western medicine has no clue about. But they are treatable in TCM records with successful cases. May be added one more is Huang Di Wai Jing that was found in recent years. In ancient time, all of the top knowledgeable Chinese knew Yi Jing due to it has broad applications. So, it was not emphasized as a medical book.


Of cause, the original TCM treasure books covered more classic books that already lost. However, as more archaeological discoveries come out, the TCM treasure is increasing such as recently suspect Bian Que’s (扁鹊)medical books were discovered.


If we consider all fields that is needed to well treat patients in all kind conditions, what the TCM schools offering now is far less than the ancient Chinese TCM system required.


All of the natural treatments that can make people healthier and achieve longer life is the practice scope in TCM field. The above is for your reference. There are too much to learn for acupuncturists. How to make the doctor program be a tool to better serve patients’ needs. The responsibility is heavy on the schools, government agencies’ shoulders.


If there is anyone can read this article, think about the contents and even to take the needed actions to implement the current TCM doctor program curriculum that will be a historical step in TCM in the US even in the whole world due to after China’s culture revolution, TCM system was changed and destroyed. It is waiting for a brave renew.


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