An Unwanted Decision

It is my strong desire to give out my experience to reduce medical cost. However, I encountered some unwanted situations.

All of my knowledge and experience are from spending a lot money far more than to get a doctor degree but real help to raise the diagnosis and treatment skills. To get the broad knowledge, I sacrificed personal leisure times, rest time even the time to take care family members. In order to save tough cases patients, I lost reasonable income, to experience the wrong processed herbs toxin and how workable the detox way that I learned is correct, I put myself as a white mouse.

One time in the Summer, I got toxin on my heart, I went to yard under the sun to dig weeds in order to sweating heavenly to flow toxins out.

Another time, I almost die – I might die for a couple ten seconds  that I lost conscious and following two doves guiding me toward to a very very bright light. But, I waked up from severe pain that I fell down on the floor and hurt my tail bone after severe vomiting and diarrhea for near three hours. The last hour, my son helped me when I called him but he did not have the experience to take care me by following me at any second.

It’s high cost to get all of the experiences and knowledge. However, due to I am not greedy, I give out for free. Therefore, I got a lot trouble to myself.

There came inquires or unreasonable requests that disregard the value of my time and sometimes induced me other cost. I think that I will temporary stop the contribution. Until I finished my book writing that can save medical cost too and do many other contributions.

It also remind me to value my time and get reasonable income for my services. “There is no free lunch!”

Thanks for your understanding.

© 2014 Frieda


About universaltcm

Experienced licensed acupuncturist, speaker, author, coach. Founder of the Comprehensive Universal Energy Healer.
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